Noize Komplaint ft. Transforma – Alien Force EP – Dirtbox Recordings

by | May 9, 2024 | Releases, Tunes

Yo yo YO!  What’s happening my gorgeous Neurofunkers?!

Got a wicked release to feature for you this week from our friends at Dirtbox Recordings from Noize Komplaint.  This outfit is a US powerhouse made up of 4 top producers who were responsible for starting Boomslang Recordings who you might also know as Gigan, ESKR, Bad Martian and TLDM.

First up on this wicked EP is a tune called Contact which is a lovely little rolling techy number which has some sounds that remind me of mid 2000’s neurofunk and really keeps a driven beat going that you nod your head that also makes you want to get your groove on.

Next up is a remix of Extinction which has been put together by the Australian mastermind Transforma.  This one is a filthy, raw and punishing tune.  With it’s heavy beat and destructive bassline and alarm sounding samples, you are in for a real treat here.  The groove on the second drop is deadly too, make sure you stay tuned in for that. 

Following this awesome remix we have the original tune from the 4 Noize Komplaints.  It’s a wicked tune which has some distorted scratching samples which add to the filth that this tune brings to you.  Cannot wait to hear these tunes loud in a club, they will punish a big system.

So you can grab this release on the 10th May 2024, as per usual, get that artwork clicked below to take you to the release information.


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