Nu:Elementz – Prophecy LP [Sweet Tooth]

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If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, or burnt out from the scorching summer we’ve had. Cool down with this release one from one of my personal all time favorite producers label Mista Ian Majistrate’s Sweet Tooth Records. Label backed by the infamous Low Down Deep as if I cannot stop mentioning the camp, Nu:Elementz LP titled Prophecy. Currently, the beholder of the drum and bass summer anthem of 2016 “Never Forget”. Spare no time with this release guys, I’m covering the highlight without hesitation.

feat. Jessica Luck & Majistrate – Never Forget

This is, the end all be all summer anthem of 2016. This is where the whole..under a rock sleeping thing comes into play. Maybe in your realm of Drum & Bass these names slip right under your radar. Well, mistake number one. Majistrate alone has been in the game for over 20 years. Invested. Nu:Elementz is no stranger, having built himself into a house hold name. I promise you have at least of one of the mans tunes. Anyways, “Never Forget” with powerful vocal back up from the beautiful Jessica Luck, goose bumps is an understatement. The crew has a message that is clear. Keep it real this summer with this vibey roller. Below are my next top picks of this LP as well as the entirety of the release following that.
I’m dEEb and it’s a pleasure to share the same nick name as the don behind this massive LP.

Frequency Album Version

Murderah VIP

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