Nuke ‘The Truth EP’ [P Lab Recordings]

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

If you’re on the hunt for that dark and gritty tech step style with lengthy compositions for a serious mix and blend look no further than Nuke’s ‘The Truth EP’ on P Lab Recordings, it’s a technical drum work dream! Let’s get right into the EP and you’ll see what I mean.


A bubbly intro grinds through the build paired with rabid rhythms that continue to drive well through the drop. Rolling vibrations in the bassline bring the focus to the technicality of the drum patterns flipping and warping in an extremely animated tech step style. Nostalgic beats will move the feet with a crisp, modern approach to the soundscape that really puts “The Truth” over the edge adding serious flavor to the mix.


Darkness engulfs the mix as “Not Just Shadows” builds with an unsettling eeriness. Driving deeper into the depths of tech step with a dark grime Nuke is refining the underground sound chugging and churning with evil seeping through the broken beats and burly kicks. With a snarl and snap you’re engrossed in the mix that winds and twists for over five minutes filled with monstrous, magical techstep bliss grinding deeper into the amens with serious focus on driving the design for a smooth blend.


A quick vocal snip cuts in snapping straight to the beats with more techy heat following the overall theme of ‘The Truth EP’. The drop brings a thicker composition with a bit more energy but still plenty of the dirty beats winding through the mix. The vocal cuts and splits for a bit of a boost in the mix with wild effects, big bass breaks and flips “Allornout” runs furiously through the mix. Booming bass drops + fiery beats = pure heat!


A timid build ticks in tirelessly with a soft vocal sneaking in steadily spaced with a melodic twang simmering beneath. The drop blasts in with a chunky, funky broken pattern paired with blistering basslines driving deep. The thickness in the drums accents the sprinkle of vocal that twinkles through the track. “Warning Shot” ft. Nomad brings just the right balance and vibe to bring the room to an ultimate high.

Grab ‘The Truth EP’ from Nuke out now on P Lab Recordings! CLICK HERE

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