Nuklear – Sanity Trip EP [Eatbrain]

It’s Monday…the weekend I hope was filled with crazy adventures for everyone. If not, well I have something here that will take you on a trip. This week we are talking about the Eatbrain crew and Nuklear’s first EP out with them, Sanity Trip. Now, I am not a fan of tracks that have MCs in it, I feel most are not that good and it kills the DnB. Now here is one of the few exceptions with Nuklear, this whole EP has vocals and they are great. The London, UK man Nuklear has graced RAM, Virus and Viper to name a few labels, he is not a stranger to the scene. Many of these tracks I feel can be mixed end-to-end because they are produced properly! Lets jump into this.
Badder is the first track on the Sanity Trip EP and it’s with the Teddy Killerz. It’s a good way to start the EP. In typical Teddy Killerz style the track is solid mix of Jump Up with the Neuro basslines. The lyrics are spread out nicely so it will mix well. The vocals on this track sound and feel different than the rest of the EP. This track I feel was the most calm of this 5 track EP.
State of Mind is up next with Shellshock Ricochet and this bad boi drops. Again the vocals are great, spread out so mixing this track will be fun. The bassline on this one wobbles and screeches nicely then it changes to this rumble bassline. The use of changing the highs and melody is great throughout the track.
Mindscape steps up for the third track on Sanity Trip EP called Side Tracked. This was my favorite track of the EP. That bassline is wicked! It starts off nice and smooth, then this rolling deep bassline! The lyrics are great in this track, his cadence on this one is great. The track is put together masterfully as well. We will hear this track being dropped by everyone!
Whiplash is the fourth track and Pythius kills! It starts off with a this electric guitar riff that is dark and goes brilliant with the vocals. It sounds at first that you are listening to a hard rock track but then that bass comes in and changes to a nasty Neuro track we all know Pythius for. Check this track out, you do not want to miss that enormous 2nd half of the track!! I can see this being played everywhere, remixed and mimic’d!
Now on the last track Nuklear, Kritix and The Clamps come with something a bit different, Sanity Trip. This track is a DnB MCs dream. Nuklear comes correct with the lyrics on this one. The track is a solid creation of Hip hop and NeuroFunk! It blew me away you need to check it out. track is sick and its hard to put into words. It has many different feels to it on the production side; hip hop, garage, neurofunk frankly I’m not sure where to put it…how about in the bad-ass category!
Over all this Sanity Trip EP by Nuklear and the Eatbrain crew is great. We will hear all 5 tracks out on the dance floor, on podcasts and remixed in the near future. This will not be the last we heard of this EP. I hope to hear more from Nuklear in the future, this guy can MC to some DnB without a doubt!

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