NURVE ‘5AM Kitchen Talk LP’ [Eleven One One Music]

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Nurve is coming in hot this week with the ‘5AM Kitchen Talk LP’ on Eleven One One Music generating a more aggressive sound with a bouncier flow as he teeters around techstep seamlessly in this massive release. Let’s get the low down on this intense conglomeration of music from Nurve now!



The highs swirl to life atmospherically engulfing the build with a steady drive. Insanity ensues at the drop as the bass heavy vibes rise to life, screaming through the measures as they climb, wobble and fall. The manically moody beat rolls steady, breaking for sic flares and fills as “Business D&B” continues to whip and flip; this is an extremely animated track bursting with color that packs a killer punch with no holds barred from Nurve.


Soft pads guide through the intro welcoming a bit of a beat to the mix before the drop absolutely rips. Techy beats fly sprawling through the composition with punchy force as the bassline squalls and cries, bouncing between low and high tones stuttering and seething through the mix. Energetic and untamed “All for the Gram” will keep the floor on their feet rocking to the beat.


Melodies ring through the build as the percussion continues to grow with a bit of a narrative tossed into the mix. The drop awaits with dark and dirty basslines popping along to a rumbling rhythm with an interesting twist. A bit more of a jump keeps the energy UP, “County Lines” is grinding through the measures with malicious intent.


The build softly ticks to life as a sinister story unfolds. Slipping into the drop seamlessly “Gutter” brings an all out assault of jumpy, funky, upbeat energy to the mix with intricate beats flying amidst bombarding basslines, sick sampling and fierce effects to amp up the mix. Smooth and steppy “Gutter” can’t be missed.


Energetic melodies hype the intro up with ferocious flare as vocal samples stutter, severely severed, in search of the drop. A wicked four by four slams in with an irresistible bassline riding the phrase before filling up, thickening the sound with a pristine punch. The composition volleys, “5AM Kitchen Talk” driving on savagely stabbing through the mix, the bassline booming to satisfy the fix.


The beats pop through as a smooth groove ensues, formulating to fill out the build. Deep basslines drip and drop unearthing the lowest lows as they bounce and grow, morphing into a monstrous force as the composition moves along, the forefront of the song, with slick beats to back it up. “Picture Me This” is super tough!


The suspense is thick as danger lingers in the darkness, it’s time to “Play the Game”. Somber cries echo as the evil energy emits. The drop brings an overflow of angry amens slashing through the mix in a barrage of beastly beats to move the feet. The patterns of the rhythms are unmatched with an ultra technical snap. The samples and effects give just the right finesse as the bassline handles the rest stomping and screeching with a mission of its own; to flex the bins and keep the floor in a dancing binge.


A somber intro builds mysteriously but “Gangsta Rhythm” is ready to attack! The drop comes with the quickness and upbeat, jumpy rhythms that snap and thwap, bouncing between high squalls and low, angry blasts, growling with each tumble into new territory. An all out assault on the dance floor as the beats slay leaving them begging for more as the snappy pop of the rhythm moves to and fro the insanity grows.


A fluid build stacks the sounds skillfully skating to the drop. Fury unfolds in a thicket of sinisterly styled bass design that blasts and rolls as it controls the composition on “Loud Garms” with the rhythm raging steadily pumping up the vibe. Edgy and innovative Nurve is bending the rules with a style all his own.


Wrapping up the LP “Eye Dee” snaps to life like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The anticipation is high as the energy grows continuously. The drop packs a putrid punch with a fiery flare the broken beats slice through each step with a high end groove to keep the floor on the move. Solid basslines snap on the attack to beef up the mix with a banging bounce as they surge and bellow. “Eye Dee” is a tasty treat that really brings the heat.

You can get the ‘5AM Kitchen Talk LP’ from Nurve now on Eleven One One Music’s BandCamp: CLICK HERE

Available on all outlets 7th April. Pre-Order on Beatport HERE.


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