Music Homework: Lessons From Nvrthings

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Tunes

“Talk about yourself,
Write about yourself,”

Said my boss.

I’ve been slacking on my music homework this semester hardcore. My usual 2 hours of studio a day slipped to binges between assignments for my 400 levels. School is a convenient excuse. Anything is a convenient excuse not to do it. Whatever “it” is for you, in going for your goal, procrastination will inevitably strike; creativity will be paralyzed; frustration will mount.

A good book taught me you simply need to sit down and do it.
Poorly, successfully, mundanely,

Just do the thing.

I go through creative spells. When my production mana is low, my mixing mana is high. I’ve churned out a lot of quickdraw mashups and rather cheeky bootlegs for my sets this year and worked on a fair amount of original material, but man I am nowhere ready yet.

That’s okay. When I went to see what was good enough to play that was a result of my trying, that makes me happy, I got enough to make a mix of it. I had more content than I thought.

Working with your own things, especially in the beginning, is so difficult.
Always imperfect, so you may as well embrace your flaws.

I learned from my homework that I’m less worried about achieving a “label” sound, and more focused on creating something that sounds like me — as imperfect, and as genuine, and as bright as I see myself.

Track List:

  1. E-40 – Earl (Nvrsoft Bootleg)
  2. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Snap Yo Fingers (Nvrsoft Mashup)
  3. Paramore – Careful (Nvrsoft Mashup)
  4. Atreyu – Doomsday (Nvrsoft Mashup)
  5. Santana – Wishing It Was (Nvrsoft Mashup)
  6. Dance With the Devil (Nvrsoft Mashup) 
  7. Nvrsoft – ID
  8. Alt-j – In Cold Blood (Nvrsoft 87 Edit)
  9. Yo Gotti – Rake It Up (Nvrsoft Bootleg)
  10. Nvrsoft – ID
  11. Nvrsoft – ID

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