Octane in the Mix 2020-030


Digging down deep into the darker side of dnb this week I’m excited to share a whole bunch of upcoming releases with you in this mix!!

Formation Records is pumping  out tough tunes lately we have two fire EP’s incoming in the mix one from Sikka, the ‘Trouble EP’ (December 4th release) and Green Vibes ‘Outbreak EP’ landing the 30th of this month which I’ll be taking a look at later this week in my review. You can also catch “Sneaka” from Fabric8 and if you like what you hear read the full review of that EP here.

Selections from the Droptek ‘Symbiosis Remixed Part 2’ coming in a few weeks fit the vibe of the mix well, watch for that one on Korsakov Music and check out “Innosense” grinding deep out now as part of the ‘Hyperdrive EP’ also on Korsakov.

IN:DEEP Music delivers some gritty beats with the forthcoming Komax release there’s a few of those as well and you can check out more about that one here.

Coming later in December I have a peek at D-Struct’s ‘Turing Test EP’ featuring “Perception”, “Turing Test” with Jaise and “Overlaps” in the mix this week. This USDNB producer has a lot going on I’ll be chatting with him again soon, too!

Thanks for listening! 🙂


Cause4Concern – Seawolf (ChaseR Remix) [C4C Recordings]
Notequal – Set Point [SIN FULL MAZE]
Droptek – Dropout [Korsakov Music]
GREEN VIBES – Neuro Jungle [Formation Records]
BTK | Cold Fusion | Manifest – Daybreak [Deception Recordings]
Ram Trilogy – Gridlock (Break Remix) [RAM Records]
BTK – Dead Men Tell No Tales [Dispatch Recordings]
GREEN VIBES – CROSSFIRE [Formation Records]
Xeomi & Kaiza – Majestic [Hanzom Music]
SIKKA – Trouble [Formation Records]
Upgrade (UK) – Base [Serial Killaz]
Spor – Beam Cannon [Sotto Voce Records]
Waeys & Was A Be – Bullying [Critical Music]
Komax – PUSH! [IN:DEEP Music]
D-Struct – Overlaps [P Lab Recordings]
Levela – Eclipse [Critical Music]
Droptek – Devoid (Levela Remix) [Korsakov Music]
Ice-O-Later – Subdual [Ignescent]
Gydra & Nuvertal – Meditation [Eatbrain]
Chromatic – Switcher [DeVice]
PRFCT Mandem – Innosense [Korsakov Music]
Subtension – Pho [Flexout Audio]
Division – The Attempt [Lifestyle Music]
Levela – Sacred [Critical Music]
Ice-O-Later – Parasite [Ignescent]
D-Struct & Jaise – Turing Test [P Lab Recordings]
Sublimit – Twelve Steps [Four Corners]
D-Struct – Perception [P Lab Recordings]
Change of Pace – Killajoule [Shadow Net Recordings]
Gydra – Horror Room [Eatbrain]
Subtension – Tom Yum [Flexout Audio]
Ricky Force – Whats Up [Mac 2 Digital]
Notequal – Descend [SIN FULL MAZE]
Komax – Pure [IN:DEEP Music]
DJ Limited – The Elephant (VIP) [Playaz]
GREEN VIBES – OUTBREAK [Formation Records]
State Of Mind – No Operative (Audio Remix) [Blackout Music]
SIKKA – Yesterday [Formation Records]
Ripple – Falling Sky ft Lifesize MC [Ripple Music]
GREEN VIBES – Junglism [Formation Records]
Fabric8 – Sneaka [Formation Records]
Xpath – Make It Resonate [Korsakov Music]
MNDSCP – Vertigo (VIP) [Eatbrain]


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