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by | Jun 12, 2024 | Reviews, Tunes

We’re halfway through June and have already seen some sizzling music come through the catalogues raising the heat index before those summertime sets fully kick in! This week I’ve gathered up a list of some absolute bangers to crank up the energy levels and heighten the mood. Let’s get right into the tunes!


A massive remix out now on BrainRave Music Audio fuses his sinister twist into the potent single “Coalesce” from Screamarts. Embracing the integral concepts of the original tune Audio slices and dices the sounds for one of the most creatively poignant remixes around. A spine chilling single you won’t want to miss Audio’s take on Screamarts “Coalesce” becomes more powerful with every hit. It’s quite a trip!

Get your copy of Screamarts “Coalesce” (Audio Remix) on BrainRave Music today! CLICK HERE


“Need More” from Impex on Boomslang Recordings is an instant essential for any DNB DJ artillery. In your face aggression, cutthroat basslines and intense energy are just a few reasons why “Need More” dominates the mix. Add in some clever effects, flawless switches, and meticulous vocal sampling so “Need More” will always leave the dance floor wanting more. Be sure to grab this one quick and satisfy your Neuro itch!

“Need More” from Impex is out now on Boomslang Recordings. CLICK HERE


Finalfix and Neolyth deliver a powerfully cinematic composition with their new single “Cerberus” guarding the gates of Evolution Chamber. Unleashing the beastly fury “Cerberus” thrives on a mystifying mood as it drives furiously through the mix anhiliating the sound waves with snarling beats and breakneck basslines wound up by a malicious melody for a full on attack – no mortal shall pass! A timeless tale twisted within the tune the savagery of “Cerberus” is sure to consume the room.

You can get “Cerberus” from Finalfix x Neolyth on Evolution Chamber now! CLICK HERE


This year celebrates 25 years of Technique Recordings and label bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith are bringing the FIRE with their hot new single “Bassline”. A playful hybrid blending jumpy horns and wobbly bass adding militant undertones and riddled with catchy melodies “Bassline” is primed to get the floor bouncing every time! Drumsound & Bassline Smith continue to showcase their sophisticated style and ability to evolve and elevate with the times, true masterminds of drum and bass always known to shake up the place!

“Bassline” from Drumsound & Bassline Smith is out now on Technique Recordings. CLICK HERE


An ancient beast awakens within “Primal Instinct” as A.way offers a hypnotic funk with a prehistoric punch n this smashing new single on In The Lab Recordings. “Primal Instinct” administers a genius blend of bubbling beats, toxic basslines and a noxiously primitive flavor… who knew it would be such a pleasure to be consumed by malignant, mutant frogs?!? A.way’s colorful arrangement keeps this tune on the move with its quick flips and destructive, dynamic groove. “Primal Instinct” is primed to be one of the hottest tunes this summer so be ready for those reeeeewinds!

Get your copy of “Primal Instinct” from A.way on In The Lab Recordings today! CLICK HERE

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