Off The Rails Volume 3 feat. Jaxx, Dub General, Cabin Fever & More! [Train]

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Tunes

An extra large compilation album featuring some familiar faces and hopefully some new ones because who does not like new music? Train Recordings with a serious grip on something different. If you are familiar with Train Recordings you will understand they do not tread to far from the Natty Camp. Volume One, Volume Two and now Volume Three from the series titled “Off The Rails” hits digital shelves August 24th, so why not take a listen early to get yourself a little more familiar?

Warhead – Static – TRAIN033

Moving at the speed of sound with Warhead and his serious pots and pans number “Static“. Something you can really ride after the drop, Static delivers a healthy combination of transient horns, laser bleeps and bloops all at the momentum a very full bass line that never lets up. The kind of sound that wakes sleeping giants at the pitter-patter of Junglist feets. Buyer beware, Warhead slams bangs and rattles the bass bin.

Dub General – World Of Confusion – TRAIN033

I was hooked on the My Sound / Immortal Being release by Dub General from the moment I started collecting Train Recordings music. The intro is so.. cheesy yet absolutely perfect and fitting for his tune “World Of Confusion“. At the sound of tin cans I feel like I have fallen in a trance of nineteen-thirties horror flicks and I am not complaining. If you’re feeling these tunes like I am, be sure to check out the the long play in its entirety as the bombshell drops August 24th.

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