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Omneum delivers the ‘White Shadows EP’ to Genome Records this week and its absolutely boiling over with flavor and heat as this immensely talented producer curates instantly classic styled tunes to make the dance MOVE! Brilliantly blending melodic drum and bass with bin blasting neuro elements Omneum is sure to turn some heads with this one! The ‘White Shadows EP’ is an alternate reality of DNB let’s get into it now!


Soft pads shimmer upon echoes of whispers fluttering through the build. The atmosphere condenses, twinkling all around in an emotionally symphonic sound. “White Shadows” dives deep into the drop cumulating a beautiful contrast of energetic high ends soaring cosmically amidst a powerfully punchy heart racing rhythm with the bass booming boundlessly beneath. “White Shadows” assumes an ethereal mood with its angelic spark sprinkled into the seething dark drive, a perfect divergence to enchant the dance. Omneum is creating soul gripping drum and bass, “White Shadows” will take you to another place.


Delicate melodies wind through the intro with a lingering darkness of disposition, the suspense continues to grow as the rhythm takes control tumbling into the drop. A forceful beast unfolds, charming yet dangerous, as the melody takes hold and the funky vibe begins to flow. Unrelenting beats carry the tune with electrifying basslines surging through. An alluringly unique sound keeps “Red Roses” impressing the crowd conducting the energy for movement in the dance with an extra shot of pizzazz!


“Damnation” commands curious control from the first beat with a mischievous rhythm boiling up cautiously. As the build winds on the aura thickens closing in from every angle twisting a melodic funk into the mix with the drop primed to HIT! “Damnation” rolls out with an intensely forceful driving bassline and masterly crafted beat patterns to tear up the place! “Damnation” carries a classically nostalgic feeling; reeling in the old school flavor with a modern boost for extra oomph in the mix “Damnation” absolutely can’t be missed. Omneum is crafting a highly sought after sound and cinematically makes it pound with relentlessly smooth beats and gyrating bass that travels through your whole body, polished to perfection with the intense melodic connection. The effects jazz it up even more for absolute power and perfection for the dance floor. This is the titan tune of 2024 and we can’t wait to hear more from Omneum!


Crawling in playfully “Limbo” utilizes animated melodies to heighten an eerie mood. The drop unfolds into a fun and funky composition bubbling through the phrases with gnarly rhythms and big bass design that really grips that low end for a solid balance in the mix. The melody keeps the mind on the move with its sinisterly spirited groove. Omneum has a wonderfully sophisticated style to wind up the energy with interesting ideas and smooth execution. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this one moving forward!

You can grab the ‘White Shadows EP’ from Omneum now on Genome Records Beatport Exclusive! CLICK HERE

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