Ophlot- Timeleash [Abducted Ltd]

by | Feb 28, 2016 | Tunes

The newest release on Abducted Ltd. is courtesy of Ophlot and I am really enjoying both tracks. The A side Timeleash is straight up space tech funk. It is a perfect balance of modern drum and bass with nods and elements to the music’s past. I can’t help but be curious if that title comes from any attachment to the history or past sounds of drum and bass. The thought that keeps running through my mind every time I hear this is “this is much at home with the Stakka and Skynets ‘Clockwork LP’ as it is with this next generation of producers.” It has that intrinsic sound of tech-funk that will never go out of style or fashion. It is just straight up funk. Add in EQ sweeps, filtered drums, and snappy edits and this one that will be in rotation for some time to come. Do your self a favor and support this artist and label so we can continue to hear gritty funk like this for years to come!

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