Opsen + The Clamps – Illegal Instinct [Code Smell]

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Tunes

Well if the pandemic hasn’t stopped one thing, it’s is the release of new music within our wonderful world of drum and bass. With this week we get a special slice of music from the newly formed label Code Smell. Born from the mind of 1/4 of the supergroup Instinkt, Bytecode created this label with the mission to “push dark, funky, high quality, and forward-thinking drum and bass”.  With 2 releases earlier this year featuring heavy hitters the likes of Bytecode himself, Disphonia, Transforma, and The Prophecy, Code Smell released the 3rd chapter of the growing saga of the label with special help from Opsen and The Clamps.

Stepping up to the plate is the glorious Opsen with the tasty Global Instinct. With a quiet building from the start then quickly switch to soaring into, only to cut away to a menacing build-up, you already know it’s going to be a smashing tune. From that first roar of that reese bass, you know that your prediction was right. Juxtaposed with pristine drums, this track chugs along with a comfortable pace while being equal parts restrained and heavy. The track takes a big shift, sporting some sleek 4×4 action, filled with spacy sounds and thumping bass, before returning to some nasty neurofunk.

To take things to the next level, The Clamps blessed the b-side with a track so filthy, it’s just straight-up Illegal. With the theatrical flare know from the mad man himself, this track has everything you expect but more. Starting with a stunning intro, starting quiet shifting to aggressive breaks with a menacing blood pumping build up this track shifts from neck break breakbeat to filthy neurofunk, this track takes a left turn in the middle of the track much like Opsen’s tune, shifting to some slick 4×4 action. Starting smooth and crisp, this section then continues to evolve turning from a techno-filled hardcore to the perfect union of neurofunk and hardcore. However, before long, another shift occurs with a sudden build-up and we’re back to some sick drum and bass.

Code Smell‘s goal is to push dark, funky, high quality, and forward-thinking drum and bass, and this single has shown that the label is aiming to do just that with unmitigated precision. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next release!




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