Optiv & BTK – Over The Edge

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Tunes

The legends thats are Optiv & BTK are back once more with an incredible show of force. This time around part of their ” Authentic ” LP is here to bring a heavy vibe to all parts of DNB. Optiv & BTK over the years have become a staple in my DJ sets and many others around the globe they deliver what one can only describe as an undeniable heft and groove one which will always be an effective weapon in the battlefield of the rave. In this world of DNB few have left such a lasting impression on me as they have relentlessly releasing banger after banger one might think they actually never leave the studio , but playing gigs all over the world proves that to be false. This tune is actually a throwback and is being re released part of their compilation. Its time we re visit it.

“Over The Edge ” starts out with classic Optiv & BTK synth stabs that infect your bones like a virus no pun intended. Gritty reese bass is introduced into the world of sound causing a ruckus , the tune quickly rolls into a bitcrushed synth dropping in to a bombing of descending chord progressions that reminisce of a stealth bomber dropping bombs on their enemy. This tune certainly reminds me of that. Dark and Twisted vocal samples intermesh in the background in classic Optiv & BTK style putting down that extra hand of force.

Overall this is a great release and great tunes at that. This will certainly be back in rotation for me.

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