Ordure – Control EP

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Tunes

Drum and Bass has a real knack for pushing the envelope and dropping otherworldly yet infectious tunes from out of nowhere. The Control EP by Ordure, recently released on Flexout Audio, is a prime example of this pattern. And further drives this home with cover art depicting a face in shock, cloaked in the turquoise and black color scheme the label is known for. Brace your ears as this release is full of high- octane drums and melodic elements you didn’t know existed.

“Control” begins with an eerie atmosphere, as if you’re entering a sunken ghost ship. Charli Brix lends her vocal style as the song builds, sounding pleasant and ethereal. But then the drop kicks in with its heavy banging snares, thick bassline, and blasts of gritty noise. Fusing with the supernatural vibe from the beginning, its banging yet infectious at the same time – two things usually polar opposite, yet seamlessly fused together here. While the first part has a choppy vibe, the return from the break brings everything back a little harder and a little more consistent, thus showcasing the excellent use of tension and release.

With “Troika,” things get weird. This is a minimal jungle style workout, focusing on a simple and repetitive beat to let all the wild sounds come at you full force. The track wastes no time either, skipping any kind of long intro to immediately delve into the bass wobbles, clicky cymbals, blasts of fuzz, and all the otherworldly noises Ordure pours into our ears. It makes you feel slightly crazy, like being trapped in a panic room, with the manner in which every second has multiple elements being warped and twisted ceaselessly.

Rollers can be one of the most enjoyable aspects to drum and bass, especially in long mixes that never seem to stop. “Sloper” is Ordure’s take on that. While minimal and heavy like the rest of the EP, this track slaps with a hard-hitting vibe that will demolish any dance floor. From the slow building intro that slowly works into the beat to the way the whole track moves once your deep inside it, it’s highly addictive and one you never want to end. But he can’t resist changing things up, as the break refuses to simply return to the beat; instead, it builds and builds with a hard downbeat that joins with the rising synth to explode back into the main groove when least expected.

Finishing out the release is “Chroniker,” a tune with an absolute killer bassline that fully displays the versatility the deep side of DnB possesses. With the steady metronomic click, synth motif, and banging snares, it entrances the listener instantly. When the cymbals speed up sporadically throughout the tune, it delivers a satisfying feeling, one commonly employed by the experimental side of the genre that has helped make it what it is today. The last break of the album envelops us in the creepy effects and vocalizing that have been present in the album, before dragging us back down six feet deep with its subterranean bass.

Now out on Flexout Audio, Ordure’s Control EP is set to become one of the best and most unique releases this year. Cop it now before it’s too late!





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