Outer Heaven – All Headz [Rupture]

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Tunes

Petar Zivanic has been pretty busy as of late. With two solid EP’s on two of my favorite labels in the last 3 weeks, his music has been in heavy rotation in my sets as of late. Both his “Beneath the Surface” EP on 117 and “All Headz” EP on Rupture are diverse in make up. They both push the boundaries in break structure and drum programming. As Outer Heaven, Petar seems to enjoy experimenting with blending classic drum and bass breaks with his own signature sounds and rhythms.

The title track off of his latest EP for Rupture is a roughneck journey through chopped breaks, rugged change ups, and classic bass lines and phantasm whirls. While I have no official proof of this claim, it also seems as in the midst of all of this, the track seems like a dedication or a nod of inspiration to the iconic Metalheads label. The drums and bass lines all seemed to be sampled from the early catalog of the timeless label and shaped into his personal thank you to the label. Again, this is only a theory, but one that is worth checking out for your self for no other reason but to hear the drum programming in this track! I also highly recommend the track “Rankin’ ” on this same EP.

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