Overlook – “Smoke Signals” [UVB-76]

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Tunes

Last week we saw a handful of amazing full-length albums come out in drum and bass. Anytime Klute or Calibre both release new albums it’s a damn good day for our music, but to me, the clear winner last week was the release of the “Smoke Signals” album from Overlook on UVB-76. With only six singles released prior to this album, UVB-76 has wasted no time pushing the sounds of drum and bass. The label is the brainchild of Ruffhouse and Gremlinz and they have absolutely no desire to keep up with the trends or worry about the sounds de jour, all the while carving out a space for them selves and the artists they choose to support.

I was going to try to pick one track on here to review for this week’s article but I honestly could not find one that deserved the write up more than any others. I then was going to pick a few of the stand out tracks, and again the list was just too long, so instead I am just going to suggest the whole damn album start to finish. Start at the beginning, and just let the whole thing play. Seriously, it is really just that simple. Hands down my favorite individual artist’s full-length release so far this year. This album as a musical and cinematic collection creates a fully functioning and tangible universe all unto its own. It is a soundscape that seems caught between dreams, nightmares, and the far corners of space and time. It is full of the deep and rich sub basses, an almost limitless amount of layered reverbed drums, and haunting drones that have become signature trademarks in Overlooks releases. From one track to the next there is a seamless transition from almost alien drums to some of the most brilliant and nuanced live drumming breaks that have been sliced and arranged like few before it. The ability to envision, construct, and create such a complex and complete work of art is no small feet. If Overlook has not been on your radar yet, I guarantee he will be after listening to this album.

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