Oversight – Beautiful Lie (Love That Bass)


A few months back I did an interview with Oversight. He has a new piece out now on the label Love that Bass so thought I would give this one the once over for you. Oversight is a DJ and producer based in Kent, UK. Love that Bass is a new label set up by DJ Ollie with previous releases from Kleu, Akas and Harley D. Lets take a look at his new track beautiful lie.

An orchestral swell and a faint hint of piano open this number. The drums drop in pretty heavy and full with lots of energy. Certainly a heavier feel to what we have come to expect from Oversight and yes the drop is large as well. A lovely little musing of a vocal and bang a huge sub rips the musical spectrum apart. The drums are sharp and the snare in particular cuts through nicely. The odd rumbling swipe of mid bass distortion swells into the ear as the orchestral backing builds and keeps the tune running along nicely. We hit a fairly chilled break which is a nice length and we quickly fire back into this heavy sub ridden roller, This is certainly in the roller category with a liquid vibe.

The tune is very well produced, with a heavy and solid core with some pretty aspects and smatterings of liquid sound around it. The master for me is a little bit cooked or hot, with some high hat and sub distortion really on the edge of the meter. Although typical of most masters I think it could of been stepped back just a tiny bit, however Oversight has been able to capture dynamics within his mix and using builds within the orchestral sounds has maintained good energy in the tune and keep interest to the listener.

The tune itself has a pretty commercial appeal whilst maintaining an underground feel with classic dnb roots. Perhaps more vocal or a featured artist instead of a sample would have taken this tune to another level and added a personal touch to it. All in all though it’s a top effort which I believe has already gathered decent support including radio play on the BBC. Highly recommend checking out the tune as well as Oversights back catalogue.

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