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In today’s electronic music, there is such a plethora of new music and new labels that it’s become extremely competitive. The story is no different when it comes to Drum and Bass, with new labels seeming to form on a daily basis. Overview Music is one of those, yet has firmly established itself as a force of nature in a very short time.

With releases by Wingz, Ewol, Nami, Rizzle, and Talkre, the label has garnered a reputation for killer releases that feature high production values with an eye towards fresh sounds. While focusing mostly on individual releases, Overview recently released their first album: a various artists compilation album that is fierce and hypnotic at the same time. And this is one you just have to hear!

Every track on the release revels in the dark minimal side of DnB, each finding its own way to tweak it in a different direction. Its mind boggling the various elements brought together here: from simple banging rhythms that get augmented by subtle effects, to those overwhelming brooding vibes that seem out of this world. Some songs focus on, and employ, challenging minimal beats to create purely ethereal pieces while others go full fledge tech with intense energy that never seems to let up. What grabs the listener the most is the way each artist effectively uses classic elements of jungle/DnB while updating it in a new and fresh way.

Much of this makes sense with the fact that so many countries get represented here: England, Slovakia, France, Austria, New Zealand, and more. It’s refreshing to see so many countries come together on a compilation such as this, showcasing the way drum and bass attracts fans from every walk of life. Plus, many of these artists are relatively unknown or on the rise – and this is where the soul of the genre has always been. While some have been murmuring that DnB is getting stale, Overview Music has set out and proved that this is patently untrue with this release.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new dancefloor banger or prefer to explore the experimental side of jungle breaks, there is a track you will fall in love with here. A definite must-have for any lover of DnB, (regardless of genre preferences), it reveals the importance in bringing various styles/artists together and using that to establish a unique voice.

Out now on all the usual platforms, scoop this up ASAP!!





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