Ozma ‘Killah EP’ [Neuropunk Records]


Neuropunk Records is building a reputation for pumping out the thickest, heaviest tracks to blow the dance floor to bits and the ’Killah EP’ from Ozma further validates this statement with four menacing weapons of mass destruction fit for any DJ arsenal.

The title track from Ozma’s ‘Killah EP’ is a powerful representation of Ozma’s cutthroat style meshing elements from different spectrums of drum and bass as he continues to evolve his distinct sound. Easing in on an atmospheric intro the plot quickly twists diving deep into fierce chords with steady kicks building to a killah drop. A composition full of life “Killah” entertains electrifying basslines amidst sic breaks volleying between energetic highs and perfectly placed vocal effects to murder the dance floor. The second drop is extra fierce with a riveting half time beat so be sure to rock “Killah” all the way to the end!

“Get Down”
Light vocal effects accentuate a clean rhythm over colorful synths making “Get Down” a funky number to liven up the mix. A hint of jump up which is evident in Ozma’s influence and creatively placed breaks tie everything together to get the dance floor grooving to “Get Down”.

“Unknown Language”
If you’re looking for a track to bounce the dance floor to submission this is IT! With such massive tunes it’s hard to pick but this is quite possibly my favorite on the ‘Killah EP’. Ozma’s “Unknown Language” makes me lose it every time I drop it in the mix and the room duplicates that reaction tenfold!! The intro kicks in with a solid, smooth beat; a slick snare holds the tempo with impressive flares as the unknown language growls deep to a mind blowing drop. Dirty and bouncy “Unknown Language” will flip the floor into a trance with intoxicating basslines and pulverizing breaks. I really enjoy the variety in Ozma’s tracks as he amplifies his compositions to their full potential. “Uknown Language” once again hits that sweet spot and gets extra brutal on the second drop making Ozma tunes fun to ride out in a long mix.

“Jazz Time”
A mysterious intro eases into “Jazz Time” building suspense as it quickly flips to turn heads as the kicks pound hard to a giant drop. “Jazz Time” is a perfect pick to conquer the dance floor dramatically as grungy basslines accentuate jazzy breaks with seriously stimulating aggressive beats that pound relentlessly. “Jazz Time” is full of flavor and escalates the energy to new levels, a sure selection to stand out in any mix.

The ‘Killah EP’ from Ozma is out now on Neuropunk Records so grab your copy on Beatport here!

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Ozma the ‘Kingdom EP’ is landing on Serial Killaz in December! We can’t wait to hear it, how about you? Share your thoughts below.

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