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by | Jul 21, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Hey everyone!  Got a new release from the liquid label, D-LiQ records to share with you all!  This one is from another label staple, Ozzy Owen!  His last release on D-LiQ was Sea Soul which was a wicked release and showcased what a wicked artist he is.

The new one, Experience is no exception.   Side A which is the title track starts with a nice mellow piece of entertainment and some vocals over the top to then a wicked jungle style beat which leads you nicely to the drop after giving you some awesome jazz instruments over the top before breaking down with some vocals of a jazz musician.  The drop is fantastic and really gets the head nodding.  It has such a cool mixture of male and female vocals over the top and a wicked mix of different instruments like a saxaphone and piano.  Proper serious business this one!!

Next up we have the flip which is Look Within.  This has an equally subtle start to it before the drum beat comes in.  Its a nice rolling beat with a dominant kick drum which sounds so smooth but punchy all at the same time.  When we get to the little breakdown before the drop, we get another saxaphone in there which brings that jazz back to us.  The drop sounds awesome with a deep but mellow bassline in the background which is helped to be driven along by that punchy beat.  Sounding excellent this!   I’d say it leaves you wanting more but it satisfies you enough that you could just re-listen to these tracks over and over again.

Wicked release, thank you Ozzy!  

You can pick this up from D-LiQs Beatport page on 24th July 2023 here:  https://www.beatport.com/label/dliq-records/90717


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