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Greetings fellow Drum & Bass Heads!

Strex here with another review on the mighty Best Drum & Bass!  This is one from D-LiQ Records, my favourite label for bringing the smooth and chilled beats straight to your dial.  This release is no exception as I will go into!

A new artist to me, Ozzy Owen and his first release on D-LiQ Records you’ll be in for an audible treat as this one smoothly serenades you.

Ozzy is a music creator based in Portstewart, on Irelands north coast. Leaning towards peaceful and high vibe ambient, singer-songwriter and drum n bass, but generally not restricted by genre. 

Ozzy has jammed with musician’s and bands in Ireland and the UK, playing some festivals and events here and there. 

His lyrics are synonymous with poetry and he occasionally whips out the odd scratch on the turntables. 

His Inspiration comes from Dj’s such as Gilles Peterson, Fabio & Grooverider and the late great John Peel

The opening track is One Love and it begins with a lovely muted beat and some delicious samples before taking you to a nice deep kick drum and wonderfully crafted snare towards the drop.   Some euphoric strings fly from ear to ear in this lead up also which add to the excitement that this is going to be a tune dripping in honey.  The drop tells you straight away that the delivery you were expecting is here and the excellent bassline smooths out every wrinkle in your life.  We are no doubt onto a winner here so lets move on with anticipation of the title track!

Sea Soul is the releases namesake and starts off with one of my favourite sounds; waves washing up onto the shore.  I could stick this on loop and listen to it as I drift off to sleep as I want my retirement home to be on the sea front.  A lovely harmonious piano and a beat that keeps building and building.  We have a great tune here which leads to a drop with quite an industrial beat but it’s a real stepper and some wonderful vocals appear with some awesome synths.  You can hear those waves crashing again in the background which is a really wicked touch.

Some phenomenal production here from Ozzy and I really look forward to some future releases!

This quality piece is released on September 5th 2022 and can be purchased on D-LiQs Beatport page below:


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