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by | Sep 17, 2017 | Mixes

Ladies and gentlemen the doctor is in and he is filling out healthy prescriptions of Jungle Drum And Bass business. Curator to the Deep Space series featuring the best in the sound spectrum twice a month. As well as an established high profile drum sound distributor on soundcloud, Para‘s motive is strictly for the headz. Just so happens to be providing the soundtrack to the latest FLAK music sessions.

1. What you do to me – K-I
2. Clearance – M-Soul & S27
3. Source Code – Displaced Paranormals
4. Sonar – Subtle Element
5. Charlie – Jaybee, XTC & Notts
6. Looking Back – DJ Vapour
7. Black Cinderella – Chopstick Dubplate
8. Majesty – Soul Intent
9. Ballroom Shwdwn – Olski
10. Answers – War Machine
11. Consciousness – Soul Intent
12. Assistance – Tom Small
13. Lumps – Trail
14. Wu Style VIP – Leaf
15. Deep Fried ft.Sparkz – Tephra & Arkoze
16. Control Information – Stone & Gerra
17. Pullup – Onemind
18. Let Go – Andy Skopes
19. Stars So Bright – Displaced Paranormals
20. Lazy Jungle ft. Robert Manos – Adred

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