Paragons 2 – Expedite Compilation

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Spotlight, Tunes

Howdy Neurofunkers!

We are very lucky to have a really cool release to feature this week.  This one is a VA LP from Expedite Records full of Neurofunky goodness!

With tracks from the likes of TREMR, Frannabik, FractalOne and Transforma we can just take a look at the tracklist to work out we are in for a hefty, screwface treat.

There are some absolute heaters on this release such as Cthulu by TITAN, Outside the Box by Kontrakt and Dreaming Through Nightmares by Syne to name a few but I can tell you one thing, every tune on this LP is sick and should not be slept on.  There’s a bit of funk for every occasion. 

This bit of writing is from Expedite Records themselves with a full tracklist:

Since our establishment in 2020, Expedite Records has been dedicated to uncovering and nurturing extraordinary emerging talent. We’re here to provide a space for artists to refine their craft and grow into their own version of excellence. With a commitment to creative freedom and unwavering support, we aim to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Neurofunk sound, hoping to foster an environment where the next generation of talented artists can thrive both independently and as integral contributors to our musical family.
In December 2021, we unveiled the first edition of our Various Artists Series: “Paragons,” featuring 12 tracks that showcased a roster of promising artists. This series is our homage to the brilliance of emerging producers shaping the Neurofunk landscape and the robust, tech-infused realms of drum and bass. Fast-forward to 2024, and we’re delighted to present the eagerly awaited second instalment of the Paragons series.
Paragons 2 marks a significant milestone for us, representing the collective progress of Expedite Records and the individual growth of both established and emerging artists. This compilation serves as a sonic journey, offering a glimpse into the evolution of the label and the unwavering dedication of each contributing artist.
ABSU – Ruff
TREMR – Control
Profuze – Rhythm
Frannabik – Bounce
XAETIS – Queen Of Speed
SYNE – Dreaming Through Nightmares
RAID – Artificial Stimulant
HackWaves – Haters
Kontrakt – Outside The Box
Kevala – The Edge
Transforma – Fierce
TITAN – Ctchulu
Confusion – infinite mirror
FractalOne – Feedback Loop
SCALEZ – Starhorse

The LP is out now on Expedite Records and you can pick it up by clicking the artwork below:


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