Peloton – Liquid Giraffe [Self-Release]


The flurry of releases due to the Quarantine continues, with Peloton by Liquid Giraffe touching down. Known for his prowess in blending multiple genres together, Liquid Giraffe has been forging his own path in DnB and bass music for some time; with this latest release, he only solidifies his diverse tastes and skills with an entire album filled to the brim with stellar tracks.

Starting off the album is “Disaster Ft WHYS,” with blasts of of synths and a catchy vocal line. The rolling beat plunges in and the song begins throwing its jungle of sounds at us. The breaks inspired rhythm, the wobbling bass lines, stabs of FX, and vocals all collide and clash in a syncopated vibe that is both chaotic yet precise; and gives us a taste of what the album has in store.

Ramping up the energy level right from the start, “The Selecta” has an incredibly catchy and rocking bass line that hooks from the very first time you hear. Throughout the track, there is a call and release between the bass and the other elements that only further hooks the listener.  Mixing it in with jungle flavored beats, grinding fuzz noises, and vocals echoing the title of the track, it moves along so fierce yet smooth that it sweeps you off your feet.

“Feeling is Right ft Rama Duke” is next, and it is here to lift us up. The drum work itself is very complex yet tightly woven, which gives it a unified vibe that keeps the head bobbing. The vocals are very pleasing and melodic, and counterpoint the drum work well. Whether it’s the highly energetic percussion or the soulful lyrics, it’s the perfect song to start the day or when you need a kick-start in general.

Flipping it 180, the melancholy sounds of “Mind Off you ft Rama Duke” come wafting in. The moody atmospherics, techy beats, and hypnotic FX all swirl in and out of each other; this creates a moment of introspection that showcases the huge diversity of the genre.

Continuing with that experimentation, “Wat U Want” truly goes out in left field in the realm of footwork and breaks. It is a very rambunctious tune, careening between different beat patterns and timings at will. There are so many competing layers throughout the song its astounding, and even more so because of how Liquid Giraffe perfectly balances them all.

“We All Made Of Stars” is a perfect blend of the past and present, evoking memories of early ambient acid house and DnB while fusing it all with modern styles seen in bass music. It begins with the swirling bliss of the synth melody which gets backed by the repetitive click of the hats. A simple motif appears and before you know it, the funky bassline waltzes in and the song establishes its full lilting swing. This is a masterfully crafted tune, one that is a joy to enjoy, dissect, and analyze endlessly.

Feeding off the ambient vibe from the previous tune, “Make Cents” mutates that into its own unique thing. The synth effect that starts the song gives the sense of ambience from before, and it uses the hats similarly but they have a much more energetic and broken pattern. As the pattern picks up speed, a static fuzz sound increases its frequency; then, the song explodes into full force with its driving beat interacting in endless variations with each their own individual elements. This is a tune that will easily send a dancefloor into a frenzy.

Taking things deeper and darker is the aptly named “Timegrind.” The experimental beat pattern lends itself well to the foreboding atmosphere established in this tune. The whispered vocal line only further cements that mood. The sparse yet heavy bassline that peppers the soundscape makes the feeling of stretched time even more pronounced.

“Wook” is an ode to the trippy sounds and bass warblings loved & favored by many modern bass music lovers. The overall vibe of the track is a bit weird and off beat sounding, but also very addictive. In no time at all your left craving each sucking bass sound and the keyboard motif that is carried with it. Much of the drum pattern and hat work is classic drum and bass. Once again, the producer shows his skill in fusing different genres together.

Continuing down the dark path, “Bludklot” begins no holds barred with a raw beat reinforced by a subterranean bassline. Once the drop hits, its take no prisoners as the staggered bassline that dominates the tune slaps your ears over and over. This creates a lurching vibe that seems to move everywhere and stay in place at the same time. Despite its harsh nature though, it’s still a tune that will stay stuck in your head long after its over.

“Angel’s of Dust Ft Sierra Madre” begins with a peaceful synth floating along until the drums come roaring in. Backed by some off the wall bouncing effects and a deep bass line to go along with it, the song builds in intensity until it all stops suddenly and the vocals carry us along. When the drop hits, it’s a huge one and creates a powerful surging effect. The manner in which the song stops and starts with the beat while the melodies keep things moving along is magical, and a perfect closing to the album.

Out now on the Liquid Giraffe Bandcamp page, this is a highly unique and exceptional release you do not want to miss out on!


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