Pen – Alpha Memory EP [Tesseract Recordings]

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Tunes

I have always been fond of the artists and producers living and surviving on the fringe. The ones doing things on their terms, and in their own way. The ones that can offer us a different sound or view then what may be the norm. The ones that challenge us to question what it is about this music we love so much that keeps us coming back. The ones not afraid to see their vision through and not compromise their ethos to do it. The true independent artist always will be the ones to catch my eye and ear. That was how I felt when I discovered Tesseract Recordings a while back, so when the new Pen EP hit my inbox, I was rather excited.

The Alpha Memory EP, which hits the streets September 10th , is a four track offering from the mind of Pen. It is full of crisp breaks, catchy percussion, thick and throbbing sub bass and future funk tech atmospherics perfectly placed to keep your attention but not bombard you with over production. These songs have the soul of proper drum and bass steppers and deep rollers but with a modern and updated touch. There is also an experimental ambient track, “Obsolete” , on here that I enjoy quite a bit as well so if you enjoy those extra tracks on EP then you will enjoy this bonus as too. Mark your calendars for September 10th and be sure to scoop this EP up for your collection. Also be sure to give the promo mix a listen. Some really great music on there for sure!

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