Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (NOISIA Remix) [Earstorm]

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Tunes

For fans outside of the Drum and Bass scene, the Australian group known as Pendulum has been consistently mixing the progressive elements of electronic rock along with a consistent record since the early 00s For many of us who checked the Beatport Drum + Bass charts in the last few days, surprises were abound as we once again saw Pendulum at the tip-top of the charts. For a band whose last official album release was in 2010, this new entry was a welcome sight as the band prepares for their very random yet very exciting upcoming remix album, The Reworks. As a lead single, the NOISIA remix of the classic track, “Hold Your Colour,” highlights the elements which made this band the legends they are, as well as giving a needed update to a band who has been largely out of sync with the modern D+B scene.

With their new remix of “Hold Your Colour,” the duo behind NOISIA updates the track by respectively giving spotlight to the memorable guitar riffs which made Pendulum prolific. With intense respect and care given to the guitar and vocals, NOISIA beefs up the remix with added synth and percussion to give the track additional emotional levity. As a lead single, this remix of “Hold Your Colour” is the hypothetical battering-ram to the release of their 2018 remix album, while giving fans something to finally look forward to after eight long years. While the early 00s elements will always be present in their music, “Hold Your Colour” prepares us for a new generation of Pendulum and hopefully the sub-genre itself.

While the original can stand on its own feet after all these years, this reworked version is a pleasant revisit to older Pendulum tracks and gives fans new material without corrupting the source. If Pendulum’s official return goes as planned, there’s no doubt their unique approach to Drum + Bass will have some sort of resurgence. Grab the new single here.

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