Phace & Mefjus – Decisions – [NEOSIGNAL]

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Tunes

NEOSIGNAL Recordings is back with a bandolier filled with incendiary ammunition to set the club on fire. Phace & Mefjus have joined forces once again to bring you an EP that is capable of pure dance floor destruction. This recent collaboration entitled “Wasteman” is an exploration in sonic wizardry in the neurosphere. This 5 track EP is one of the fiercest things to grace the scene in the latter half of 2017 so far. Lets dive into my favorite cut off the EP…

Decisions starts out with gargantuan horns and a dark sinister atmosphere that sends chills down your arms as the epic battle horns sound their tone into the air. The soundscape has been set, percussion comes into play as a vocal sample ” make a decision ” can be hear monotonously being spoke in an almost robotic like tone, and thick synths come in before a earth shattering reese bass can be heard completely leveling all in its path. Some of Phace’s signature mechanical winds power up the tune into the drop plowing into a tightly programmed and infectiously grooving vibe. The track drops into a vibe so thick it immediately gets under your skin and controls your movements in the dance. The percussion steps aggressively with snappy and fat tonality whilst remaining crystal clear throughout.

Overall this one for me is a must have for any DJ in the game. No holds barred drum ad bass. Phace & Mefjus have really gone above with this one..


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