Phace & Noisia – Non-Responsive [Neosignal]


Noisia and Phace. Just the mention of these two names is enough to send chills down your spine. On their own, they are easily two of the best active Drum and Bass acts, both in the studio and on the decks. However, it’s when you put them together though that you really have to worry (or celebrate). From neurofunk classics like Floating Zero and Program, to absolute bangers such as Imperial, the combination of the Dutch trio Noisia and German producer Phace have always produced extremely high quality material.

Their newest single, entitled “Non-Responsive”, just dropped last week on Phace’s own Neosignal label. As soon as you hear the intro, you know you’re in for another no-nonsense Phace and Noisia collaboration. Subdued synths and atmospheric sounds, indicative of newer Noisia tunes, layer on top of one another throughout the beginning of the song. It isn’t until the first drop that you hear the first sign of Phace’s work. Clever use of dynamic range really give the song a punchy and heavyweight feel, and once the drums fill in, the song truly comes at you full-force. The creepy build up to the second drop is also unmistakably Phace’s work, while the “Non-responsive” sample before the second drop is reminiscent of Noisia’s early songs such as “Diplodicus”. The song also has a fun little glitchy outro, which is somewhat of a shame since it’s so rare to hear a song in it’s entirety in the club these days.

Although 2019 has been a relatively quiet year for both Phace and Noisia, “Non-Responsive” is yet another entry in an already impressive catalogue of collaborations. Like any Phace and Noisia song, this will be an essential weapon in any self-respecting Drum and Bass DJ’s arsenal.

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