Philth & P-Fine – Greed [Dispatch Recordings]

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Tunes

This one is a huge personal favorite of mine so far into 2015.Philth has been a favorite of mine for a while now, so when I got wind he was going to be bringing a new EP to Dispatch I was one happy guy, and when the full release got to me, I indeed was happy. Each of the six songs on The Cosmos EP are top notch. Honestly, I was most looking forward to the Souzou VIP but then Greed played and it took the favorite track on this release.

The intro sets the stage from the start with its moody pads, shuffled break , and a distorted voice simply saying “greed” leading up to a breakdown that is made up of part confession, part words of warning about the deceit of greed in the modern world flawlessly versed by P-Fine. Then drop comes in with big, blistering bass stabs and shuffled breaks. There is a lot of movement going on in the atmospherics and fx that keep this one moving along, all the while the drum edits and distorted bass stabs help this one roll out proper. The breakdown features the same lyrics from P-Fine as in the intro, but they are just as effective the second time around. The second drop is filled with a bit more drums and heavier edits that helps this one get stronger as the song goes on. At the end, the break goes back to the shuffled break from the first intro and drop bringing you back to where the song first started. This is a top notch release from a producer who has such attention to detail and gets the most out of every sound and movement of his music. Big up Dispatch for helping this one see the light of day!

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