Pleasure – Platinum EP [Low Down Deep]

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Today we have the legend Mista Deejay Pleasure, owner of Killer Bytes Records staple in Low Down Deep Recordings. Mans been making moves since the 90s except for some people that started in the 90s this don has stayed relevant. So to remind us where we come from and how we came about to the sound we’ve evolved to today. I’m going to pull my favorite Pleasure tune off all time. Six something years ago, let’s take a listen.

Expansion [Class A]

This is…. the number one tune from pleasure that I will rinse till the end of days. Everything in the spectrum of sound in this one is exponentially gargantuan. The intro screams war, the drop screams dance. Rewind crew, this ones for you. The new Platinum EP a part of the Metal Series on Low Down Deep is the first installment to the series in the catalog and is no different than this bad mukka of a tune right here. My number one tune on this release..


Without a doubt D’Stress is my number one pick of these release, after the first 8 bars it starts rolling. That sound that sounds like you lost a life in Robotron: 2048 is the thing that does it for me. Make no mistake Pleasure’s signature drums reside heavily on this one. The mans mixdowns are not a force to be reckoned with. Number two coming right up.


Somethink to take you back in the day with whole hearty organ sounding bass line. All systems go, initiating pure vibes upon the dance floor with this one. This is a rump shaker of a tune, even the wall huggers could get a head nod out of this one. It’s certified, backed by Logan D & Low Down Deep recordings you can catch this release as well as the Planet Series over at Low Down Deep Records. Check the rest of the release below, Torn VIP is massive.



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