Pledge of Resistance – Inner Demon Ft. Killamatic (Free Download)

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Tunes

We head over to the Netherlands for a fun Neurofunk Drum and Bass song by the group Pledge of Resistance. These 2 friends; Dylan-ray Kasselmann (D.R.K) and Sjoerd have collaborated together to bring us an exciting new Drum and Bass group. Each one of these producers have dabbled in other music genres but seem to have found their place in Drum and Bass arena and Pledge of Resistance was born.

Their song Inner Demon starts with an intro that gets you anticipating as to what is coming next and then we hear the smooth lyrics of MC Killamatic matched with a bass line that keeps you moving and grooving. Inner Demon has a driving bass line with stab synth overlay that make your body jump and your head groove. The backbeat in this track contributes nicely into making the song very dance-able, and you can not help singing along to the lyrics, all in all the sounds and styles blend this song into the makings of a massive track. MC Killamatic has a distinct & smooth voice and it pairs nicely with the Drum and Bass music from this track, he reminds me of some other great Drum and Bass and Dubstep lyricists; MC Dino, MC Dre and Messinian.

I am exited to see what is next for the Drum and Bass trio Pledge of Resistance Please give them a follow on SoundCloud

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