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This week I welcome¬†WARP FA2E to the weekly review. A name consistently seen in record shops for the past few years, his productions are always octane fueled and hot to the touch. His latest remix of Plejik’s “Razorblade Nightmare” is a choice selection and absolute quality dance floor Neurofunk.

“Razorblade Nightmare” opens timidly. strait forward drums and percussion take you into a breakdown. Bass groans and filtered drums deliver you into the first dance section. The listener is pounded by a stomping bassline with metallic accents. The busy synth stabs and transitions create a cohesive vibe that keeps the listener engaged. At the second dance section a whirling reese layer delivers grit and a finishing touch on a fine production.

WARP FA2E provides us with a quality track that’s easy to reach for and work into sets. its elements provide a little bit of everything and gives the listener plenty to chew on during the duration of the tune. Be sure to give this one a test drive at your next event and look for more from WARP FA2E coming soon!

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