Pluton & Skyer You Belong To Me Remixes-[Teksteppa]- Cymbalism recordings- CYMB014R- Release Date: 2015-06-01

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Tunes

This weeks tune up for review is one i got back in may and instantly fell in love with.
The teksteppa remix is the tune i cant stop rinsing. All of them are quality but this one just hits all the right notes. I do not know much about the artists who wrote the original other than they are a duo one like Constantine Deremeshko aka Pluton and Dmitry Maximishin aka Skyer hailing from Kherson, Ukraine. they group was formed in 2012 and snce then they have enjoyed multiple releases on quite a few respectable labels.
At time of of this writing i am still waiting for info on them from My mate at Cymbalism, but i can say that i will be following them from now on. the over all feel of this tune is what i refer to in my own nomenclature as a “balance Track” the symbiotic balance between a beautifully crafted liquid tune that evokes just hints of older ben sage works but with subtle phrases, that give a glimpse of the monster that is dnb lurking just beneath the tracks glossy surface. The drum programming on this tune is exceptional, displaying good variety and mastering. The over all ebb and flow nature of the track is a perfect lead off into either more juicy liquid or the fork in the road to explore the darker tech we know and love. The vocal work could stand for its own review. A perfect tune to open a set with but by no means one that should be played on an empty floor. This tune cant be missed especially if you are a liquid junkie.
All in all another big release for Cymbalism recordings, Big up Thomas Emmi for his consistent work over the years in signing and releasing nothing but quality talent.

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