Podcast #073 – Bad Syntax & Comanche Records mix + MC Coppa Interview!

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This week we have an EPIC guest mix by P-Skankz of the Comanche Records family, and we sat down for a quick interview with someone many call the best MC in the international Drum and Bass game, MC COPPA! ALSO celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Abducted LTD and the usual guest mix by Bad Syntax on 3 decks, you dont want to miss this weeks hour+ of power!


MC Coppa Exclusive Interview

Where did the name “Coppa” come from?

Was an old skool nickname of mine from back In the day, i´m Jamaican.

What made you become a Drum and Bass MC?

It wasent something in particular really, kind of happened out of chance and opportunity. I was also writing rhymes predominately hiphop and ragga just for fun way back when. D&B was the first really chance to spit them over a mic. After that it just kind of snowballed. I would actually consider myself an MC/Artist in the general sense, as I have quite an extensive catalogue of non-dnb features and releases across a wide range of genres. A few of my big touring experiences, Malaysia, Singapore etc where actually for other styles of music. I guess my experience & influences from the wider world of music serves me well for drum and bass.

Name a couple of your most influential Drum and Bass tunes of all time.

Personal ones that´ve recorded, On Like That w/Prolix (Playaz) , Friday 13th w/Jade & Mindscape (Eatbrain) and Pocket Full of drops w/ Telekinisis (Eatbrain).
Tracks from other people… you can pick from “Man for all Seasons” “Morning Light” “Don’t Tell Me” – yes.. all Concord Dawn!

If you could work with any artist that you haven’t yet, who would it be?

That´s a tough one for me to answer because I don’t really have a “wishlist” when it comes to working with people, I believe In what happens just happens. I like the unexpectedness of what life throws at you. I´m very happy and blessed to have worked with the people I have so far and at the moment. I value all the collaborations I engage in equally.

12903874_10156752551060173_1614314878_oTell us a bit about the new remix ep on Comanche, what is/are your personal favorite track(s) and why?

My favourite has to be the Blaine Stranger remix, and the Akov one, and the Benny L one and definitely the Samy Nicks one ☺ All of them! When it comes to my personal projects like the LP, this EP remix project and my forthcoming Coppa Presents Defcon1 EP coming in a few weeks on Subsistenz, theres never a track on there that I don’t totally love. If that track existed, I wouldn’t have it on the project. What you hear on the Comanche label in terms of Coppa material are all my personal favourite tunes, its just a blessing that everyone else seems to enjoy them aswell. I´d still A&R and release the tracks regardless. The energy that the producers bring to the label in the form of collaborations with me and remixes is what makes every track special. They bring their “A Game” to the table when we get together.

What is the one thing you think that current MCs need to do more of / less of?

Not listen to 12 year old keyboard warriors on youtube who´ve never been to a decent drum and bass party in their life ☺

Tell us about an embarassing/crazy story from a gig you’ve played / hosted.

I have practice too much discretion to answer that publicly, as it wouldn’t be embarrassing for me, more to the promoters involved. But shit happens in this game eh? ☺

What has been your favorite venue/party to host?

I´ve done so many events that it would be pretty impossible to narrow it down to 1. However I have to say a repeat offender is Let it Roll Festival in Czech Republic, If you add that with Eatbrain @ Let it Roll, then you get the picture 😉

Who are your current top 5 Drum and Bass MC’s in the world?

That’s a tricky one, I think theres a lot of great MC´s that bring a lot of different things to the game and so therefore trying to narrow down to 5 is hard work. Off the top of my head people that I enjoying listening to, (apart from myself obviously), Dynamite, Drs, Strategy, Riya, Skibbadee… but theres a lot more. You pushed me for 5. Theres probably a lot of great mc´s i´ve not heard personally, that I do know.

Whats next for Comanche Records?

Well we´ve got some more wicked music from our new signings Picota & Kumbh. Really loving what the guys have brought to the label (1st EP Alpha Centauro) so far, and the new stuff they are working on is equally as impressive. Expect another EP from them soon, including a collab with my self aswell. Also another Coppa EP scheduled for around May/June, and some very special projects for summer ☺

Whats one tip for aspiring MCs of any genre that you would like to share?

Be yourself, respect the process, and most of all, have fun.

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Bad Syntax Tracklist:
1.    Lex – Blueprint [Abducted LTD]
2.    Encode – Overwatch [Ignescent]
3.    Optiv & BTK – Insight (Segment & Concept Vision RMX) [Dutty Audio]
4.    Counterstrike – Shockwave [Algorythm]
5.    Glass Cobra – Don Juan [Titan]
6.    Mayhem & Logam – All I Do (Gridlok RMX) [Santoku]
7.    Dioptrics & RA:SKL – Maniac [Abducted LTD]
8.    Borderline – Creature of Habit [C4C]
9.    Optiv & BTK – Over the Edge (Agressor Bunx RMX) [Dutty Audio]
10.    Machine Code – Planet 9 [Eatbrain]
11.    Segment & Concept Vision – Radiant [Eatbrain]
12.    Teksteppa – Concept Dark [Abducted LTD]
13.    Counterstrike – Rotten to the Core [Algorythm]
14.    High Maintenance ft MC Kerizma – Soundwave Therapy [AudioPorn]
15.    Akrom – Overlord [Druid]
16.    Glass Cobra – Til We See Them [Titan]
17.    Pish Posh – The Moon [Abducted LTD]
18.    Neonlight – Bad Omen [Blackout]
19.    Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Pull the Trigger [Blackout]
20.    Counterstrike – Against the Grain [Algorythm]
21.    Optiv & Btk – Get Dark (Signs RMX) [Dutty Audio]
22.    L33 ft Nuklear – Stand Down [Eatbrain]
23.    Scourge – Tunnel Vision [Abducted LTD]
24.    The Sect – Tetromino [TSM]
25.    Mean Teeth – Transfixed [Santoku]
26.    Northern Lights – Use Your Imagination [Digital Terror]
27.    Agressor Bunx – Big Daddy [Eatbrain]
28.    Mindless – Smash It [Delta 9]
29.    Glitch – Era [Abducted LTD]
30.    Segment & Concept Vision – Heist [Eatbrain]
31.    PRTCL & Sweetpea – 400 ft [Terabyte]
32.    Eastcolors & Mailky – Bounce [Addictive Behaviour]
33.    Full Kontakt – The Creeper [Formation]
34.    Kolectiv & Retraflex – General Dub [Nurtured Beatz]
35.    Pish Posh – Mindspeak [Abducted LTD]

P-Skankz Tracklist:
1. Coppa & Virtue ft Damian Yonge – Rhythms Of Life (Benny L Remix) (Comanche Records)
2. Signs – Deep Future (Nemesis Recordings)
3. Coppa & Disphonia – Paranoize (Akov Remix)
4. Eastcolors & Nami – Times (Addictive Behaviour)
5. Dorian & Skore – Heavy Breath (Mainframe Recordings)
6. Bl4ck owlz – Pill Machine (Audioporn)
7. Kusp ft SMB – Fixate (Authentic)
8. Alibi – Overaged (V Recordings)
9. Coppa & Raise Spirit – Oh NO! (Blain Stranger Remix) (Comanche Records)
10. Coppa & Benny L – Panic (Samy Nicks Remix) (Comanche Records)
11. Bl4ck Owlz – Mechanizm (Audioporn)
12. Picota & Kumbh – Conviction (Comanche Records)
13. Lisp – Turmoil (Delta9 Recordings)

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