Podcast #090 – Bad Syntax + JusBcus

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Mixes, Podcast

JusBcus steps into the hot seat this week as we bring you a back to back session to make sure your weekend kicks off just right! Tons of exclusives, and as always, all around banging drum and bass tunes for you to check out!

I also want to give a MASSIVE shout to everyone who has been supporting the new Dose EP on Abducted LTD ( check it here: bit.ly/ALTD043 ). We are currently sitting at #7 drum and bass release, and #75 release of all genres on Beaport!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Dose – Let me go [Abducted LTD]
  2. Malux – Rubix [Inspected]
  3. Rido – Cut the Midrange [Blackout]
  4. Tuff Touch – Paragon [Mayan]
  5. Zaiaku – Raze [Abducted LTD]
  6. Kitcha ft MC Rafta – Spark It [Nemesis]
  7. Segment & Concept Vision – Hyperdrive [Eatbrain]
  8. Culprate – Diablo VIP [Inspected]
  9. Bad Syntax – Talk to Me (Space Journey RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  10. Proxima – Here we go [Trendkill]
  11. Chewy Jetpack – Billy Whizz [Mayan]
  12. Glass Cobra – Champion [Titan]
  13. Billain – Specialist [Inspected]
  14. Sustance – The MAchine [Trendkill]
  15. Dose – Break the Habit [Abducted LTD]
  16. Traced – Grid Eater [Mayan]
  17. Tobax – Lockdown VIP [Titan]
  18. Visius – Delusion [C2D]
  19. Malux – Powercube [Trendkill]
  20. Benny L – In the Groove [Mayan]
  21. Dose – Cultivate [Abducted LTD]
  22. Recs – Silk Road [Mayan]
  23. Current Value – Afterburner [Trendkill]
  24. Visius – Stage Line [C2D]
  25. Khronos – Dark Wanderer [Titan]
  26. Dub Elements & Cooh – Restore the Funk [C4C]
  27. Sixfour – Lock Up [Mayan]
  28. Pish Posh & Signalfista ft Elijah Divine – Broken Nights [Mayan]
  29. Pish Posh – The Moon (Blacklab RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  30. Posij – Killer [Inspected]
  31. Rido – Movin [Blackout]
  32. Kung – Playful [Mayan]
  33. Segment & Concept Vision – Roar [Eatbrain]
  34. MV – Never Alone [Optikal]
  35. Dose – This is it [Abducted LTD]

JusBcus Tracklist

  1. Insomniax- Uridium (Viper)
  2. Shimon & Andy C- Quest (Ram)
  3. Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket- Jazz Tickles  (Hospital)
  4. Woofax- Afterburn  (Technique)
  5. Culture Shock- Steam Machine (RAM)
  6. Divine Elements- Midnight Express (Viper)
  7. The Burner Brothers- Bring Back the Funk (Technique)
  8. North Base & ISVK (feat. Ragga Twins)- What R U Doing? (Trei Remix) (Viper)
  9. Heist- 90% Rusk (Philly Blunt)
  10. DJ Hazard- Bricks Don’t Roll (Playaz)
  11. Whiney- Komodo (Hospital)
  12. Serum- Wiretap (V Recordings)
  13. Firefox- So Solid (Philly Blunt)
  14. Toronto Is Broken- Group Organism (Sub Slayers)
  15. Dimension- Panzer (MTA)
  16. Emperor- Mind Games (Critical Music)
  17. Bladerunner & Savage Rehab- Somethings Got To GIve (Chronic)
  18. Paul T & Edward Oberon- I Still Love You (V Recordings)
  19. Level 2- Going Back (Liquid V)
  20. Paul T & Edward Oberon-Tempt (V Recordings)
  21. Alix Perez & EPROM- The Serpent (Hospital)
  22. Alibi- The Hornet (V Recordings)
  23. Jam Thieves & BassBrothers- Favela (Playaz)
  24. DJ Krust- Kloaking Device (Fracture Remix) (Full Cycle)
  25. Dub Phizix- Dummeh (Fabric)
  26. The Prototypes (feat. Mad Hed City)- Pop It Off (UZ Remix) (Viper)
  27. Need For Mirrors-Bredren (V Recordings)
  28. Brian Brainstorm- Badmanselector (Technique)

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