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First off, a MASSIVE thank you for all the support of last weeks 100th podcast! Its an honor to be able to bring you the freshest Drum and Bass every single week, and I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone again for the amazing support we do receive.

This week we have one of my personal favorite newcomers in the American scene, discovered by one of my favorite American labels. dLo is DEFINITELY one you need to keep an eye on, and after this mix ( and checking out his newest release ) you will know exactly why I say this. Smooth techy goodness is what you can expect! As for me, you know its Neuro time! Buckle in as we begin out journey to the next milestone, 200!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

1.    4mulate – Human Evolution [Abducted LTD]
2.    Signal – Fearless [Critical]
3.    Current Value – Serum X [Othercide]
4.    RedPill – Lose Control [Kosen]
5.    Chris.Su & Mindscape – Talk To Me [Mainframe]
6.    Mean Teeth – Hatch [Santoku]
7.    NFunk – Genesis [Abducted LTD]
8.    Glass Cobra – Delusion [Titan]
9.    TR Tactics – Splinter [Mainframe]
10.    Kela – Step by Step [Delta9]
11.    Signal – Isolation Cell [Critical]
12.    Agressor Bunx – Critical Moment [Blackout]
13.    Impak – Much More [Abducted LTD]
14.    Current Value – Rethink [Othercide]
15.    Glass Cobra – Heel Slide [titan]
16.    Hybris & Subtension – Fay [Mainframe]
17.    Singal – Parallax [Critical]
18.    Mean Teeth – Leviathan [Santoku]
19.    Fourward – Sequencer [Shogun]
20.    Zaiaku – Raze [Abducted LTD]
21.    Agressor Bunx – Claiming Race [Blackout]
22.    RedPill – Breath Fire [Kosen]
23.    Erb n Dub & Malux – Drummer VIP [Technique]
24.    Malsum – Biomechanoid [Algorythm]
25.    4mulate – Suffer [Abducted LTD]
26.    Current Value – Rethink (Billain RMX) [Othercide]
27.    Kutlo – Crock [Neurofunkgrid]
28.    Mean Teeth & Trilo – Gun Squad [Santoku]
29.    Agressor Bunx – Call Me Back [Blackout]
30.    Dose – Break The Habit [Abducted LTD]
31.    Trilo – Photon [Mainframe]
32.    Current Value & Ctrah – Falsify [Cyberfunk]
33.    Kela – Early Death [Delta9]
34.    Malsum – Ruthless [Algorythm]
35.    Zaiaku – Shrine [Abducted LTD]

dLo Tracklist:

  1. Dub Motion – Into The Dark [Dubz Audio]
  2. Metrik – Chasing Sunrise (Feat. Elizabeth Troy) [Forthcoming Hospital Records]
  3. Dossa & Locuzzed – Beatfunk VIP [Forthcoming Mainframe Recordings]
  4. dLo, Dave Owen & Jaybee – Wassup [Elm Imprint Dub]
  5. Ed:it – Babylon Step [Shogun Audio]
  6. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Fire [V Recordings]
  7. BTK & Cold Fusion – Not Your Idol (Current Value Remix) [Dutty Audio]
  8. Tantrum Desire – Tesoro [Technique Recordings]
  9. Friction & Karma – Active [Shogun Audio]
  10. Volatile Cycle – Status feat. MC Nuklear [Renegade Hardware]
  11. Dimension – Move Faster [MTA Records]
  12. Saxxon – Large Marge [Jungle Cakes]
  13. dLo – Free Fall [Santoku Recs.]
  14. A Sides – Stone Crusher [Eastside Records]
  15. Zero T – Dice Game [Fokuz Recordings]
  16. Fierce & Zero T – Inhibitor [Quarantine Recordings]
  17. Slang Banger – Roller Express [PROGRAM Records]
  18. dLo – I Need You [Forthcoming FORCE Recordings]
  19. Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) [RAM Records]
  20. Marky & Calibre – Amen Tune [Signature Recordings]
  21. Jam Thieves – I’m Out feat. Kyara [Playaz]
  22. Malaky & Satl – Her (Zero T Remix) [Soul Trader]
  23. Calibre – Mr. Maverick [Signature Recordings]
  24. Dimension – Automatik [MTA Records]
  25. Logistics – Cosmonaught [Hospital Records]
  26. Calvin Harris – How Deep is your Love (Crissy Criss Remix) [???]
  27. dLo – Ascension [Forthcoming FORCE Recordings]
  28. M-Zine & Scepticz – Obviate [Dispatch Recordings]
  29. Command Strange – Gang [V Recordings]
  30. Cursa – Egg Cup [Plasma Audio]
  31. Dave Owen, Jaybee & dLo – SXSW [Liquid V]

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