Podcast 128 – Bad Syntax & Deinfamous

by | May 5, 2017 | Mixes, Podcast

REVENGE OF THE 5TH! We are breaking into May with an absolutely mental podcast featuring Deinfamous on the guest mix, and your usual nonsense from Bad Syntax. This set features not one, but TWO WORLD PREMIER’s from the legend DOSE that have literally never been aired anywhere before, so take a listen, give it a share and enjoy!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist
1. Tobax – B-52 [Abducted LTD – OUT NOW!]
2. Cause4Concern – Born Dead (Safire RMX) [C4C]
3. Eternal Vision – Rage & Dispair [You So Fat]
4. Mars – I never Stopped Fighting [Bad Taste]
5. Disprove – Autolyse [Methlab]
6. Ophlot – Timelash [Abducted LTD]
7. Encode, Varuis & Cod3x – Albion [Bad Taste]
8. Agressor Bunx – Smoke the Competition [Eatbrain]
9. Cause4Concern – World Unknown (Akrom RMX) [C4C]
10. Mean Teeth – Jet Black [Neurofunkgrid]
11. Disprove – Origin [Methlab]
12. Dose – Birth by Design [Abducted LTD]
13. Agressor Bunx – Thunder [Eatbrain]
14. MachineCode – Evaluate [Bad Taste]
15. Toronto is Broken – SXN [Sub Slayers]
16. Mean Teeth & Merikan – Disclosure [Neurofunkgrid]
17. Current Value – Major Fracture [31 Records]
18. Tobax – Person [Abducted LTD – OUT NOW!]
19. Cause4Concern – Ricochet (Agressor Bunx RMX) [C4C]
20. Eternal Vision – Distort your Morning [You So Fat]
21. Bohemian – Shifters [Kosen]
22. Khronos – Disturbed [Bad Taste]
23. Sensus – Street People [Locked Concept]
24. Cause4Concern – Below the Horizon [C4C]
25. Dose – Ambien [Abducted LTD]
26. Disprove – When I See You [Methlab]
27. Liveon – So Sudden [Titan]
28. Agressor Bunx – Diffusion [Eatbrain]
29. Hyqxyz & Mean Teeth – Alive [Bad Taste]
30. Bad Syntax – Talk to Me (Space Journey RMX) [Abducted LTD]
31. Agressor Bunx – Twisted [Eatbrain]
32. Mean Teeth – Firestorm [Neurofunkgrid]
33. Art1fact – Disconnected [Bad Taste]
34. Moby – Go (Fourward RMX) [Shogun]
35. Tobax – Many Digital Faces [Abducted LTD – OUT NOW!]

Deinfamous Tracklist
1. Technical Itch- Reborn(Weapon rmx)- Moving Shadow
*UFO- Something Out There- Dread Recordings
2. BTK- Be Yourself(Klute rmx)- Dutty Audio
* DLR & Octane- Back In The Grind(Cern & Dabs rmx)- Dispatch
3. Penny Giles- These Feelings(Zero T rmx)- Dispatch
4. Moby- Go!(Fourward rmx)- Shogun Audio
5. Fierce & Dom & Roland- Just Loop It- Quarantine
6. Break- Who Got da Funk- Symmetry Recordings
7. Agressor Bunx- Ninja- Eatbrain
8. Mr. Joseph- Obeah- Fokuz Recordings
* Dub Phizix feat. Skittles- I’m a Creator- Critical
9. Digital- Daylight Robbery(J:Kenzo rmx)- Function Records
* Sam Binga feat. Redders- AYO- Critical
10. Skitty, Nolige & Morphy- Put Down Ya Gunz(Skitty’s german luger rmx)- Foundation X
11. Breakage- Elmhurst Dub- Index
12. S.P.Y.- See the Light- Hospital
* Origin Unknown- Truly One- RAM
13. Total Science- Man Down- Metalheadz
* Ricky Force- Real Love- Flex Audio
14. Aesthetics- Badboy Dubplate- Smokin Riddims
15. Upgrade- Blow- Serial Killaz
* T>I- Loose Endz- Natty Dub
16. Serum- Wiretap VIP- Chronic
17. Asides- One DJ 2016
18. Lupe Fiasco- Kick Push(L-Side Bootleg)

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