Podcast 146 – Bad Syntax & FRQNCS

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MASSIVE thank you for all the support, were already over 2k downloads this month in less than one week! Glad to hear all the positive feedback and this week we are not slowing down! FRQNCS steps into the guest spot as what i think is our youngest guest to date! Check it out, and as usual we appreciate all your ratings and reviews on iTunes!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist
1. Mean Teeth – Crawler [Abducted LTD – OUT ON MONDAY!]
2. Telekinesis ft Nuklear – Wipe Out [Eatbrain]
3. Mayhem & Logam – All I Do (Gridlok RMX VIP) [Santoku]
4. Forbidden Societey – Inner Peace [Forbidden Society]
5. My Nu Leng – Portal [Shogun]
6. Insom – Vacuum [Abducted LTD]
7. Dub Elements & Maniatics – Automatics [Eatbrain]
8. ChaseR – Phantasm [Ignescent]
9. Tobax – Extaziest (Mean Teeth RMX) [Kill Tomorrow]
10. Telekinesis & L33 – Meanwhile [Eatbrain]
11. Inward, Hanzo & Randie ft Synth Ethics – Tune-X [C4C]
12. Zaiaku – Shrine [Abducted LTD]
13. Goh & Dezpot – The World to Come [Genome]
14. Myselor – All the Same [Red Light]
15. Dub Elements & 20hz Audio – Get On [Eatbrain]
16. Mean Teeth – Jet Black [Neurofunkgrid]
17. Motional – Flat Earth [Mainframe]
18. 2Whales – Borcha [Abducted LTD]
19. Mefjus & Kasra – Decypher [Critical]
20. Noisefloor – Roller [Patrol the Skies]
21. Telekinesis – Slime Gland [Eatbrain]
22. Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Ion Jam [C4C]
23. 2Whales – Upcors [Abducted LTD]
24. Rido & Synergy – Response [Blackout]
25. Traced – Killer [Red Light]
26. Goh & Dezpot – Signals [Genome]
27. X-Tortion – Casino (Callide RMX) [Serotone]
28. Mayhem & Logam – Orion (Myselor RMX) [Santoku]
29. Insom – Purple Game [Abducted LTD]
30. Forbidden Socety – Demon Shogun [Forbidden Society]
31. Mean Teeth & Skylark – Hydra [Lifestyle]
32. ChaseR – Micro Conflict [Ignescent]
33. Humanon – Loom [Kill Tomorrow]
34. Myselor – Effulgence [Red Light]
35. Mean Teeth – Dirty Deeds [Abducted LTD – OUT THIS MONDAY!]

FRQNCS Tracklist

Emperor – Passed Up [Critical Music]
Emperor – Mind Games [Critical Music]
Signal – Indirect [Lifestyle Music]
Signal – Indirect (Vorso Remix) [Lifestyle Music]
Mean Teeth & Skylark – Hydra [Lifestyle Music]
Signal – Objectify [Neosignal]
Signal, Segment & Concept Vision [Critical Music]
Arkaik – Steve [Dispatch Recordings]
Sulex & Nine Yards – Simple Tactics [Kinetik Records]
Malux – Clone [Terminal]
Skylark – Sequence [FREE DL]
Bohemian – ID [Voltage Recordings]
Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Feed The Machine [In beatport was label Black Sun Emprire :D]
Signal – Parallax [Critical Music]
Phentix & Signal – Informer [Cyberfunk]
Ewol – Short Attack [Lifestyle Music]
Audeka & Disprove – Militant [Terminal FREE DL]
Ewol – Distance [Flexout]
Segment & Concept Vision – Radiant [Eatbrain]
Segment & Concept Vision – Vintage [Eatbrain]
L33 – Clublife [Eatbrain]
Mizo – Shadow Madness [Beryllium Audio]
Mean Teeth – Give Up [Kill Tomorrow]
Signal & Agressor Bunx – Isolation Cell [Critical Music]
Spor – Coconut [Sotto Voce Records]
Ewol – Last Call [Kinetik Records]

Frqncs soundcloud – @frqncsdnb
Frqncs facebook – www.facebook.com/frqncsdnb/

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