Podcast 148 – Bad Syntax & DJ Dig-Doug [Sponsored by Symphonic Distribution]

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

1. Insom – Purple Game [Abducted LTD]
2. Mr Frenkie – Bass Symptom [Blackout]
3. Kursiva & Qhymera – Rush (Akrom RMX) [Druid]
4. Optiv & BTK – Mind Control (Mizo RMX) [Dutty Audio]
5. Silent Witness – Drop It [Methlab]
6. Insom – Vacuum [Abductd LTD]
7. Current Value – Eager Fight (AMC RMX) [Blackout]
8. Rockman – Champion [Formation]
9. Bad Syntax ft Krime Fyter – Get Crazy [Formation]
10. J Majik ft Cammie Robinson – Give it Up [Viper]
11. Pola & Bryson ft Siege MC – Way Back (Data 3 RMX) [Soulvent]
12. Telekinesis ft Nuklear MC – Wipe Out [Eatbrain]
13. Mean Teeth – Abnormal (Kung RMX) [Kill Tomorrow]
14. Bizarro – Alleycat [Abducted LTD]
15. Merikan – Infobesity [Blackout]
16. Motional – Flat Earth [Mainframe]
17. Mean Teeth – Give Up (Kutlo RMX) [Kill Tomorrow]
18. Silent Witness – Argonaut [Methlab]
19. Mean Teeth – Dirty Deeds [Abducted LTD]
20. Inward, Hanzo & Randie & Akrom – Red Matter [Blackout]
21. Myselor – All The Same [Red Light]
22. ChaseR – Phantasm [Ignescent]
23. Humanon – Loom [Kill Tomorrow]
24. Blacklab – Crowd Control [Viper]
25. Nakwan – Follow Your Rules [Mainframe]
26. Disprove & Insom – All You Desire [Abducted LTD]
27. Pola & Bryson – Devil (Benny L RMX) [Soulvent]
28. Break Feat MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss – Midnite Classic [Symmetry]
29. Mean Teeth – Nomad (HYQXYZ RMX) [Kill Tomorrow]
30. NC-17 – Rainmaker [Formation]
31. Dose – Birth By Design [Abducted LTD]
32. Kije – Microprocess [Ignescent]
33. Breakpitt & Tenchu – Funk Off [Mainframe]
34. Mayhem & Logam – Orion (Myselor RMX) [Santoku]
35. Decline & Ignore – Another Essence [Formation]
36. Mean Teeth – Crawler [Abducted LTD]

DJ Dig-Doug Tracklist
1. L-Side – Put ‘Em Up (VIP) [Chronic]
2. Hybrid Minds – Brighter Days ft. Charlotte Haining (Alibi Remix) [Hybrid Music UK]
3. Mediks & Benny L – Speakers Vibrate ft. MC Coppa [Audioporn]
4. Break – Who Got da Funk [Symmetry]
5. S.P.Y – Losin’ Sleep [Hospital]
6. Hizzleguy – Cold As Ice [Multi Function]
7. Macky Gee – Rambunctious VIP [Macky Gee]
8. Dominator & Logan D – Ready or Not (Bootleg) [Low Down Deep]
9. Sigma – Beyond the Wall (Annix Remix) [3beat]
10. Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage – Fusion [Kartoons]
11. Klip & Outlaw – Merk Dem ft. Fatman D [Biological Beats]
12. Total Science & Break – Betamax [Symmetry]
13. Riya & Philth – Fall Apart [Spearhead]
14. What So Not – Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix) [Sweat It Out!]
15. The Prototypes – Don’t Let Me Go ft. Amy Pearson [Viper]

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