Podcast 159 – Bad Syntax & HammerZz

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Happy ALMOSTCHRISTMASYAYNEWSTARWARSFUCKYOUFCC Friday! The new podcast is here and ready to blow apart your speakers! TONS of new tunes this week as usual, as we prepare for the holiday madness! Thank you so much to everyone for the constant support of my latest release on Abducted LTD, its STILL rocking on the top 100 which is pretty fucking awesome I think!

Just a heads up! We will be taking the week off next week unless we magically come across a studio to do a live broadcast from in South Florida, but we will be back for the pre NYE biz. Thank you to everyone for your awesome support this year, and I hope you have an awesome holiday filled with BASS!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

1. Bad Syntax & Pish Posh – Dark Planet (Skynet RMX) [Abducted LTD]
2. Neonlight – Bad Omen (State of Mind RMX) [Blackout]
3. Dizkret – DeepSpace [C2D]
4. The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin (Malux, Crissy Criss, Erb n Dub RMX) [Get Hype]
5. 2whales – Borcha [Abducted LTD]
6. Neonlight – Critical State (Agressor Bunx RMX) [Blackout]
7. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Welcome to the Machine [Technique]
8. Volatile Cycle & Barbarix ft Elsie – Echoes [Viper]
9. Diode – Heinous [Santoku]
10. Dizkret – Gravity [C2D]
11. Dose – Cultivate (Bad Syntax & Hanm RMX) [Abducted LTD]
12. The Prophecy – Basement [Red Light]
13. Audio – Hyperbeast [Blackout]
14. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Roadblock [Technique]
15. Neonlight – Triple B (BSE RMX) [Blackout]
16. Tobax  Many Digital Faces [Abducted LTD]
17. Bad Company & Trace – Nitrous (Audio RMX) [BC]
18. Current Value – Lost In It [Invisible]
19. Humanon – Strange [Druid]
20. Kursiva ft Mijak MC – Provoke [C4C]
21. 4mulate – Sideless [Abducted LTD]
22. Current Value – Heli Agression [Invisible]
23. Noizesplitter – Do It [Xenocracy]
24. James Marvel ft Cedex & Higher Underground – Red Alert [Space Pirate Trainer]
25. Neonlight – Tailspin (Inward, Hanzo & Randie RMX) [Blackout]
26. Hanm & KS – Stardust [Abducted LTD]
27. SubZero &  DJ Limited – The Cure [Playaz]
28. Mindscape ft Hijak MC – Deep Void [Eatbrain]
29. Neonlight – Project Flare (Pythius RMX) [Blackout]
30. Velos – Typhon [Abducted LTD]
31. Raziom – Drunk Funk [Ignescent]
32. Jaguar Skills ft Saskilla – Of fMy Rocker [Viper]
33. The Prophecy – Modulation [Red Light]
34. Neonlight – Rascals (Signal RMX) [Blackout]
35. Bad Syntax & Pish Posh – Dark Planet [Abductd LTD]

HammerZz Tracklist

1. Bakteria- More Than One (Nervosa Dub)
2. Todd Buchler & robbyt – Havoc (Seminal sounds)
3. robbyt- Burden VIP (Seminal Sounds)
4. Todd Buchler & HammerZz -Half Life (Seminal Sounds)
5. Todd Buchler & robbyt -Citadel (Seminal Sounds)
6. Northern Barrier- Heady (Seminal Sounds)
7. NFUNK-Senshu Hor (Black Monsta)
8. Todd Buchler & HammerZz -Monkz (Seminal Sounds)
9. Todd Buchler x Pish Posh x HammerZz-Flipside (robbyt remix)[DUB]
10. Todd Buchler & HammerZz-Hazard [DUB]
11. Incandescent -BIG TING (Nervosa)
12. Sephiroth- Into the Abyss (Dangerous New Age)
13. KC-Blips (Nervosa Dub)
14. Gruff – Rejak (Nervosa)
15. HammerZz- My Rifle (MultiKill)
16. Temulent & HammerZz – Titans (Nervosa)
17. Signalfista-Machines are now in control (HammerZzz Remix)[Nervosa Freebie]
18. Sephiroth-Technology (Black Monsta)
19. Trivision & Optimus feat Mustafa-Afrikan Quim (Black Monsta)
20. Neoh – RadioAktive (Black Monsta)
21. Todd Buchler x Pish Posh x HammerZz-Flipside (Original)[DUB]
22. Todd Buchler x Pish Posh x HammerZz-Fuego (Santoku)
23. Space Journey & HammerZz – Reclaim (Icarus Audio)

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