Podcast 186 – Bad Syntax & Moody Moore

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Mixes, Podcast

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and jammed with me last week at I Love LA, it was an absolute blast and its crazy having so many talented artists all in one spot! This week we have Moody Moore in the guest mix with some soulful drum and bass, as well as your usual madness from myself, including a first ever listen to an unofficial remix i did of one of my favorite tunes that is likely to never be released.

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Concord Dawn – Morning Light (Bad Syntax Unofficial RMX)
  2. The Clamps – Mankind [Kosen]
  3. Synergy & Signal – All You Got [Eatbrain]
  4. Maztek ft Miss Trouble – The Foundation (Redpill RMX) [0101]
  5. Prolix & Black Sun Empire – The Message [Blackout]
  6. Dose – Cultivate (Bad Syntax & Hanm RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  7. Cod3x – Technology [Eatbrain]
  8. Maztek – Timeless [0101]
  9. Redpill – Hazardous [Blackout]
  10. Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy – Soul on Fire (The Voss RMX) [Koldfront]
  11. Jahe – Stepback [Abducted LTD]
  12. Holotrope – Fight [Hoofbeats]
  13. Symptom – Trade Off [C2D]
  14. The Clamps – Soul of the Abyss [Kosen]
  15. Synergy – Moon Presence [Eatbrain]
  16. Mean Teeth – Dirty Deeds [Abducted LTD]
  17. Synergy – Pillow Puncher [Eatbrain]
  18. Kanine – Dancefloor [Titan]
  19. Tyke ft Daddy Earl – System [Playaz]
  20. The Cenobites & Glitch – Drugs [Mindocracy]
  21. Maztek – Dis & Dat [0101]
  22. Hanm & KS – Stardust [Abducted LTD]
  23. Mob Tactics – Dinosaur Rock [Eatbrain]
  24. Kanine & Simula – Swarm [Titan]
  25. Liveon – Anger [Titan]
  26. Circuits – Fhit [Critical]
  27. Pish Posh – The Moon [Abducted LTD]
  28. Cod3x – Illegal Sound [Eatbrain]
  29. Dorian ft Phentix – Phobos [Mainframe]
  30. Kutlo – Raw [Mainframe]
  31. Mob Tactics – Zombie Funk [Eatbrain]
  32. 2whales – Borcha [Abducted LTD]
  33. Symptom ft Parallel Motion – Threshold [Close 2 Death]
  34. Maztek – Uncoded [0101]
  35. Synergy – The Abyss [Eatbrain]
  36. Sequential & Dizkret – Spiral [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week

  1. Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy – Soul on Fire (The Voss RMX) [Koldfront]
  2. Kove – Give & Take [DnB Arena]
  3. 2whales – Reptile [Red Light]
  4. Tyke ft Daddy Earl – System [Playaz]
  5. Mob Tactics – Zombie Funk [Eatbrain]
  6. Maztek – Uncoded [0101]

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Moody Moore Tracklist

  1. Askel & Elere – Last Leaves (Monika Remix)[Soulvent Records]
  2. Bert H, High N Sick & Monroe – Frost [Fokus]
  3. Archetype – Alix Perez & Fracture [1985 MUSIC]
  4. Running – Champion, Dexcell, (feat. Charlotte Haining) [Under The Blue – The Remixes EP]
  5. Monika – To The Light [Soulvent Records]
  6. Burst (feat. Dan Moss -Calibre Remix) [ish chat music]
  7. Say What- (Midnight Mix feat. Madi Lane) [ish chat music]
  8. Venetian Night – Theoretical [Liquid Flavours Records]
  9. Reasons To Survive – Dexcell, Coppa [Audioporn]
  10. A Broken Heart – Dom & Roland [Dom & Roland Productions]
  11. Lotus Flower – Logistics [Hospital Records]
  12. Malicious – Hydro, War [Commercial Suicide]
  13. Pick Up the Pieces – Zed Bias, Skeptical-(feat. Boudah) Skeptical Remix [Exit Records]
  14. Intention Dub – Break, Fields, Villem, Mcleod – [Computer Integrated Audio]
  15. Pollinate- InsideInfo [Drum&BassArena]
  16. Keep It Together- Blu Mar Ten, Calibre (feat. Robert Manos) (Calibre Remix) – [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Foillow Moody Moore

Bad Tunes of the week official Spotify Playlist

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