Podcast 341 – Bad Syntax & Detrimental Konduct

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Mixes, Podcast

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! Still no live broadcasts yet (ive been sick all week) BUT I do want to remind everyone, that tomorrow is one of the biggest remix EPs of my career. Chris.Su, Sinister Souls and Skynet all dropping some WICKED remixes of my tunes, and to top that off, I will be uploading the originals for FREE DOWNLOAD! All of this will happen tomorrow (July 17) so keep your eyes out!

This week we have a very special guest Detrimental Konduct in the hot seat with an absolute smasher of a mix! Lock it in and rock out with us, this week is coming in HOT!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Bad Syntax – Darkness (Sinister Souls RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  2. AL/SO – Cantakerous [Korsakov]
  3. Chiyu – Riot Fields [Sinful Maze]
  4. Traced – The Beast [VTO]
  5. Gydra – Alpha [Neuropunk]
  6. Burr Oak – Barbarian [Eatbrain]
  7. MV – Illegal Rave [Abducted LTD]
  8. D_Iolax – Abandon [High Resistance]
  9. Network – Yuri (CPTL PNSHMENT RMX) [Close 2 Death]
  10. Traced – Paradox [VTO]
  11. Gydra – Chump [Neuropunk]
  12. Chiyu – Asphalt [Sinful Maze]
  13. Bad Syntax & Pish Posh – Dark Planet (Skynet RMX 2021 Remaster) [Abducted LTD]
  14. Silent Extent – Falling Down (Finalfix RMX) [Close 2 Death]
  15. Blast – Hopeless [Surveillance]
  16. Humanon & Esym – Moderna [Drumatch]
  17. The Prophecy – Bipolar VIP (Rido RMX) [Code Smell]
  18. Modu – Lost in Sector 6 [C4C LTD]
  19. Avoider – Sonar [Abducted LTD]
  20. SLWDWN – Without You [Surveillance]
  21. Neonlight – Sprech Funk (2020 remaster) [Diascope]
  22. Knoxz – Inferno [Close 2 Death]
  23. Kleu – Searching [DeVice]
  24. Mojay – Back Again Dub [Yana]
  25. Volmax (SVK) – Hyperspace [Abducted LTD]
  26. Bad District – Aggressive Jaws [Shell Shock]
  27. Chiyu – Shapeshifter [Sinful Maze]
  28. Loudtek UK – Drop the Fire [Formation]
  29. Chiyu – Chasm [Sinful Maze]
  30. The Prophecy – Bipolar VIP [Code Smell]
  31. ERF & DJ SS – Movement [Formation]
  32. Krispy ft Stay-C – Parktown [Propaganda011]
  33. DJ Ride – NEEDYOU [Vision]
  34. Loudtek UK – Straight Back to Me [Formation]
  35. AL/SO – Holdem – Earthquake [Korsakov]
  36. Bad Syntax – the Chant of Kashima [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week

  1. Vecster – Close my Eyes [High Resistance]
  2. Mojay – Back Again Dub [Yana]
  3. Agressor Bunx – Eternal Frost [Eatbrain]
  4. DJ Ride – NEEDYOU [Vision]

Detrimental Konduct Tracklist

  1. Symplex – Virus (Free Download)
  2. Arax & Cryptics – SIck (DSR024)
  3. Rieger – Carnage (SSR-002FREE)
  4. Current Value and Dying Punks – Love All The People (Offkey012)
  5. Icicle ft SP MC – Dreanaught (Phace remix)
  6. Knoxz – Inferno (Close 2 Death)
  7. Frannabik & Caliban – The Prophet (Expedite Records)
  8. Frannabik – Down (Expedite Records)
  9. Break – The Flux (Symmetry Recordings)
  10. Krak’n – Fight Until the End (Close 2 Death)
  11. Bou – Cous Cous (Gossip)
  12. Brain Wave & Vecster – Get Down (High Resistance Recordings)
  13. Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx (VIP)
  14. Proxima – Here We Go (Trendkill Records)
  15. LightsOut & Coppa – Potent (Korsakov)
  16. Rico – Gutter Bubble (Close 2 Death)
  17. Fabric8 – Don’t Let me Go (Formation Records)
  18. Bons – Starfighter Ft. Kerizma MC (Darkside Records)
  19. Noizesplitter – Bodylike (Free Download)
  20. Razlom – Gunboi (ProgRam Records)
  21. Mizo – Conversion (Patreon exclusive)
  22. Zigi SC – Bad Boy (Close 2 Death)
  23. Neonlight – Sprech Funk (Capital Punishment Remix)(Diascope Music)
  24. Mean Teeth – Evil (Kosenprod)
  25. Bad Syntax – I am the Viper (Stoner & Dotter Poison Remix)(Close 2 Death)
  26. Nickbee – Third Entity (Invisible)
  27. Xeomi & Kaiza – Flix (Protocode Music)
  28. Mayel – Apache (Major League DNB)
  29. 2whales – Where I am (High Resistance Recordings)
  30. Confusion – Killer Shrimp (Darkside Records)
  31. Magnetude & Receptor – Goodbye (Evolution Chamber)

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