Podcast 345– Bad Syntax & Screwtape


ITS FRIDAY MY FRIENDS! Anyone else feel like the week is getting longer? No? Me either 🤣⁠. This week we have some rough rugged and raw vibes from the west coast madman SCREWTAPE in the guest mix! We also keep slinging the beats in the resident spot with Bad Syntax and this weeks episode is all about power! Jump in and rock out with us! 

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Dropset & Knoxz – Listen [Abducted LTD]
  2. Thir13en – The One [Neuropunk]
  3. Aznok – Sidewalk [Raving Panda]
  4. Cranium & Sammie Hall – Holding On VIP [Druid]
  5. Manta ft Kid Age – Splinter [Hanzom]
  6. Kaizen Flow – Transmission [Sine Function]
  7. Bad Syntax – The Chant of Kashima (Chris.Su RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  8. Thir13en – Cavid [Neuropunk]
  9. Manta – Shutdown [Hanzom]
  10. The Prodigy ft RZA – Breathe (Rene LaVice RMX) [DeVice]
  11. TR Tactics – Showdown [C4C]
  12. Dropset & Transforma – Behavioral Analysis [Abducted LTD]
  13. Krak’N – Skynet [Close2Death]
  14. Liveon – Faster [Eatbrain]
  15. Esym – Valhalla [Code Smell]
  16. Manta & Smeerlap – Destiny [Hanzom]
  17. L0g1n – Prox Crunchy Taco [Dutty Audio]
  18. Dropset & Native Impulse – Dark Silence [Abducted LTD]
  19. Crucifyme – Penelope [Axon]
  20. Zound – Glaive [Ekou]
  21. L0g1n – Sahel [Dutty Audio]
  22. Henry & Gemma Rose – Here to Stay [Delta9]
  23. Benny L – Bandit [AudioPorn]
  24. Henry – Step by Step [Delta9]
  25. Proton X – Specters [Abducted LTD]
  26. Zound – Probability [Ekou]
  27. Dropset & Bad Syntax – Veracity [Abducted LTD]
  28. Zound – Shadow Hills [Ekou]
  29. L0g1n – The Last Grind [Dutty Audio]
  30. Crucifyme – Circe [Axon]
  31. DJSS & Azpect – Feeling Blessed (DJSS RMX) [Formation]
  32. Thir13en – Under Control [Neuropunk]
  33. Mefioz – Judgement Day [Shell Shock]
  34. TR Tactics – Sinusoids [C4C]
  35. Lateral – Every Nite [Yana]
  36. Bad Syntax – Darkness (Sinister Souls RMX) [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week

  1. Volatile Cycle & Dropset – Hoodrat [Ekou]
  2. Night Shift – Move Me [DeVice]
  3. Ripple & Neonlight – Goin Hard [Ripple]
  4. Lateral – Every Nite [Yana]
  5. Mefioz – Apocalypse [Shell Shock]
  6. TR Tactics – Sinusoids [C4C]
  7. Krak’N – Skynet [Close2Death]

Screwtape Tracklist

  1. Selecta J-Man, Redders – My Style [Jungle Cakes]
  2. Deffa, Kleu – 7 Days Straight [Serial Killaz]
  3. Brian Brainstorm, Speaker Louis [Jungle Cakes]
  4. Enei, Foreign Concept, Magugu – Sticks [Critical Music]
  5. Conrad Subs – Get with This [Deep In The Jungle Records]
  6. Inja, L-Side – Nightprowler (Alibi Remix) [V Recordings}
  7. Cecil Hotel- Sitar [Program}
  8. Deekline, Specimen A – All The Way Up (VIP mix) [Gorilla Warfare]
  9. Bladerunner, Nectax – The Fall [Hi Resolution]
  10. Numa Crew, Dub FX – Bass Hater Ft. Dub FX [Liondub International]
  11. MC Bassman, Kings of the Rollers – Shaolin Technique feat. MC Bassman [Hospital Records]
  12. Jonny L, Friction – Friction vs. Jonny L Back To Your Roots 2021 [Elevate Records UK]
  13. Jayline, Y-Zer – Charlie Danger (feat. Y-Zer) [Iron First Audio]
  14. LowRIDERz, Outselect – Next Level [Oziriderz]
  15. Bladerunner – War Dub [Hi Resolution]
  16. Taxman, Eva Lazarus, Riddim P – Heavy Sound System (Taxman Remix) [Nice Up!]
  17. Goldie – I Think of You (Digital & Spirit Remix) [Metalheadz]
  18. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Bad Boy Sound [Technique Recordings]
  19. SPY – Darkmttr – [DARKMTTER Records]
  20. DJ SS, Cemtek – Boys on the Lane [Formation Records]
  21. Night Shift, Modulizer – Tun Up [Dub Shotta]
  22. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Gunman [Technique Recordings]
  23. Dub Elements – Mindshaker [Viper Recordings]
  24. Sound Shifter – Ancient Technology [Deep In The Jungle Records]
  25. KONZ, Tunstep – After This [Life For Music]
  26. Asylum – Da Base II Dark (Stealth Remix) [Metalheadz]

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