Podcast 354 – Bad Syntax & Hologram


HELLO YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE! What a wild week of tunes it is this week! First off I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone supporting the new FractalOne single. We just leaped into the top 40 on Beatport, and were hoping to keep it climbing!

This week we have HOLOGRAM in the guest mix bringing you some silky smooth sounds to make for a wonderful yin and yang with my usual craziness. Hop in an rock out, your weekend playlist has arrived!

Check out the new FractalOne single that just dropped today! Click Here!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. FractalOne – Capitalism [Abducted LTD]
  2. Pythius ft Coppa – Hand Grenade [Blackout]
  3. Dropset – Ground Zero [Shell Shock]
  4. DC Breaks – Club Thug (Despersion RMX) [mpFREE]
  5. Transforma & Binary – You Know [Boomslang]
  6. Mizo – Constant Energy [Neuropunk]
  7. Sequential – Absolute Motion [Abducted LTD]
  8. Manta – Melon Groove [Diascope]
  9. Gilas – Dark Crystal [Shell Shock]
  10. Seekraze & Tao – Bicycle [Soundpolis]
  11. Mechanical Vein ft Faderhead – Feel Your Noise (Toronto is Broken RMX) [YANA]
  12. Despersion – Shield [Eatbrain]
  13. Impak – Much More [Abducted LTD]
  14. Nemean – Eat Your God [Kill Tomorrow]
  15. Despersion – Starship [Eatbrain]
  16. Nelonlight – Reflexion [Blackout]
  17. Xylym – Unlimited [Protocode]
  18. Psynchro – Earthquake [C4C]
  19. Nemean – Circle of Shadows [Abducted LTD]
  20. Manta ft Frida Vamos – Out of My Mind [Diascope]
  21. S9 – Ternion [DeVice]
  22. Mefjus & Black Sun Empire – Something Bad [Blackout]
  23. Killbreak – Black Thursday [C4C]
  24. Rillium – Control [Surveillance]
  25. Knoxz – Evolve [Abducted LTD]
  26. Black Yukon Sucker Punch – Dead Mans Hand (Kemal RMX) [Yukon Punch]
  27. Waeys – Acidic Love (Phentix RMX) [Delta 9]
  28. Seekraze & Tao Mafia – Cholia [Soundopilis]
  29. 107 – Microdot [Ekou]
  30. Nemy – Imposter [Counterpoint]
  31. Simple Simon & Pharoah – Ghostin [Formation]
  32. BRK – Afterparty [DLT(]
  33. Transforma – Nebula [Code Smell]
  34. Phibes – Like Woah [Korsakov]
  35. Kursiva – Who I Am [Bad Taste]
  36. FractalOne – Power [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week – Follow on Spotify bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Xeomi, Kaiza & Crimson – Love [Citrus]
  2. Theoretical – Voyager [DLT9]
  3. Screamarts – Vortex [Eatbrain]
  4. DJ SS & Streets of Rage – Cyber Space [Formation]
  5. Fuj – Opia [Inception]
  6. Beat Assassins – The System [YANA]
  7. Rieger – Flagellant [High Resistance]
  8. Trinist – Silenced [Vale]
  9. Sete – Meditation [Gutting Autio]
  10. FractalOne – Capitalism [Abducted LTD]

TENDO UK Tracklist

  1. Hologram – Birdee (unreleased)
  2. Low R & Sili – Just the Start (Liquicity)
  3. Dustkey – Hidden Love (Ledge Sounds)
  4. Confusious – No Dramas (Fokuz)
  5. Dava – Unwanted Love (Triple Vision)
  6. Hugh Hardie – Wide Eyes (Hospital)
  7. Sebastian Wing – Lush (Fokuz)
  8. Fracture – Give me Love (1985)
  9. Confusious – Like This (Fokuz)
  10. Sili – In the Mood (Liquicity)
  11. Macca and Los Contreras – One Touch (Fokuz)
  12. The Vanguard Project – Magic Carpet (Spearhead)
  13. Zero T – Sonic Bionic (Dispatch)
  14. Alix Perez – Burning Babylon (Drum and Bass Arena)
  15. Aperio – North Star (Triple Vision)
  16. Anthony Kasper – Suggestions (Fokuz)
  17. Soul Intent – Try (Triple Vision)
  18. Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (Ledge Sounds)
  19. Hologram – The End (unreleased)

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I have been promoting / involving myself with Drum and Bass in some way shape or form since about 1999. I recently started a solo project for production / DJing called Bad Syntax. I am the H.N.I.C. of Abducted LTD. I threw one of the longest running Drum and Bass weeklies in Florida called Protocol in the early/mid 2000's and really have never stopped pushing artists and sounds in the dnb community.

I live, breathe, eat and sleep Drum & Bass. I hope we can help expose the world to some amazing music through this awesome new site! Make sure to check out my weekly podcast on itunes: by Clicking Here