Podcast 364 – Bad Syntax & Sam Foxx

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Woo boy! What a week its been my friends! As we prepare for the holidays, we are slightly off schedule, but thats ok! I want to kick off with a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to support the Neurofunk invasion of respect with myself and Black Sun Empire! It was certainly one for the books!

This week we have a very special guest mix by the one and only Sam Foxx here to promote some BIG THINGS happening in the Yana camp (when dont they have big things happening though?). This mix is just what you need! Lock it in and rock out, Christmas is at 170+ BPM this year!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Binary – Legacy [Abducted LTD]
  2. Modu – Bristol Soul VIP [C4C]
  3. Xeomi – Pound 4 Pound (Straight Mix) [Kaizan]
  4. Kryos – with You [C2D]
  5. CPTL PNSHMNT ft Helloworld – Ubuntu [Histeria]
  6. Agressor Bunx – Incoming Transmission [Eatbrain]
  7. Binary – Infinity [Abducted LTD]
  8. Tremr – Lethal Agent [Expedite]
  9. Bad District – Speedster [High Resistance]
  10. Phrase – N16 [Onesevenfour]
  11. Volatile Cycle & Shadow Sect – Desire [C4C]
  12. Thornhill – Human (Toronto is Broken RMX) [Fixt Noir]
  13. Binary – Alternate Skin [Abducted LTD]
  14. Modu – Crane Yard [C4C]
  15. Saint Robbers – Notaric [Neuropunk]
  16. Mindhead & Mellanox – Nomad [High Resistance]
  17. Binary & Transforma – Reflux [VTO]
  18. Agressor Bunx – Quantum theory [Eatbrain]
  19. Nemean – Circle of Shadows [Abducted LTD]
  20. Frannabik – Anymore [Expedite]
  21. Binary – Insomniac [VTO]
  22. Default Noise – Levigate [In The Lab]
  23. Mylen – Twilight Zone [Korsakov]
  24. Modu – Bunpa [C4C]
  25. Promenade – Scroll Down (Ripple RMX) [Ripple]
  26. Hybert Phillips – If I Could Be [Sinuous]
  27. One Mindz – Bad [One Mindz]
  28. Avoider – Sonar [Abducted LTD]
  29. Kodin – Furusuingu (Instrumental) [Kaizan]
  30. Donny & Katharsys – Timeline [Barcode]
  31. Current Value – The Herd [Korsakov]
  32. Bad District & Diatomic – Old School [High Resistance]
  33. Teddy Killerz & Kompany – Assault [Neuropunk]
  34. Psynchro – Morgenstern [Neuropunk]
  35. Kaizen Flow – Scorn [Expedite]
  36. Dropset & Transforma – Behavioral Analysis [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week (Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Perplex – Move Like This [Yana]
  2. Quadrant, Iris & Jamal – Dial Back [Delta9]
  3. Teddy Killerz & Kompany – Assault [Neuropunk]
  4. Donny & Katharsys – Timeline [Barcode]
  5. Fabric8 – Discotek [Formation]

Sam Foxx Tracklist

  1. Sam Foxx – ID (Feat. Alex Gresham) [Forthcoming Yana]
  2. Freaks & Geeks – Freefalling [Elevate Records]
  3. Tengu – Ready For The Heat [Yana Music]
  4. Lateral – Do It [Yana Music]
  5. Aktive – Muraki [Yana Music]
  6. Justin Hawkes – IJDK [Space Yacht]
  7. Perplex – Move Like This [Yana Music]
  8. Sam Foxx & Wraith – ID
  9. Toronto is Broken & Nvrsoft – Body Dem [Yana Music]
  10. Vypes – Blast Em [Yana Music]
  11. Richter & Sam Foxx – All Is Lost [Play Me Records]
  12. What The French – Last Man Standing [Yana Music]
  13. Corrupted Minds – Rhyme Style [Yana Music]
  14. Sam Foxx – ID
  15. Sam Foxx – Zoo [Program]
  16. Sam Foxx – Power [Patrol The Skies]
  17. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam (XAV Bootleg) [Self Release]
  18. Mt Eden – Sierra Leone (Phibes Remix) [Self Release]
  19. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Phibes Bootleg) [Self Release]
  20. Volition – Drunk [Yana Music]
  21. CLB – Champion Rave [Wonky Goose]
  22. Sam Foxx – ID
  23. Mojay – The Feeling [Yana Music]
  24. Sam Foxx – ID
  25. Replicant – High Off You Love [Forthcoming Digital Terror]
  26. Omen – Bad [Play Me Records]
  27. Sam Foxx – ID
  28. Daida – Monster [Yana Music]
  29. Sam Foxx – Money [Play Me Records]
  30. Sam Foxx – ID [Forthcoming Play Me Records]
  31. Sam Foxx & Reid Speed – ID [Forthcoming Play Me Records]
  32. Sam Foxx & Wraith – ID
  33. Perplex – Play. Me [Yana Music]
  34. Lateral – Every. Nite [Yana Music]
  35. MYKOOL – Akuma [Yana Music]
  36. Luca & Gracie Van Brunt – Pain Of The Night [Yana Music]
  37. Volition – Set Me Free [Yana Music]
  38. Sam Foxx – Lose My Mind (feat. Scarlett) [Yana Music]

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