Podcast 371 – Bad Syntax & Psidream

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Mixes, Podcast

This week is a HUGE one! We have one of my favorite producers, PSIDREAM in the hot seat with an absolutely wicked guest mix! I know youre going to love this mix, and if you arent too busy fast forwarding past my mix to hurry there, I have some awesome treats in store as well. Lock it in, this week has some EXTRA HEAT! LETS GOOOO!

ALSO I just put up my remix of Arrakis for FREE DOWNLOAD! Check it out and download it here!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Traced – Lose Control [Abducted LTD]
  2. Decaes & OneByOne – Stazis [Neuropunk]
  3. MNDSCP – Gnar [Eatbrain]
  4. Myselor – The Feeling Expands [Blackout]
  5. Finalfix – Purgatory [Hanzom]
  6. Magnetude – Valhalla [Evolution Chamber]
  7. Nemean – Vehement [Abducted LTD]
  8. Resurgence – Mind Meld [VTO]
  9. The Faraday, Phame & Grim Hellhound – Synapse [High Resistance]
  10. Myselor – Discovery [Blackout]
  11. Decades & OneByOne – See Your Eyes [Neuropunk]
  12. Stonx – Locked Up [Stonx]
  13. MV – Mars [Sine Function]
  14. Binary – Alternate Skin [abducted LTD]
  15. Tenchu – Emitter [In:Deep]
  16. Myselor – Rebirth [Blackout]
  17. Decades & OneByOne – Nothing Left to Say [Neuropunk]
  18. MNDSCP – Flesh Eater [Eatbrain]
  19. CrucifyMe – Badboy Sound [Paprfunk]
  20. MV – illegal Rave [Abducted LTD]
  21. MNDSCP – Haze [Eatbrain]
  22. Tenchu – Spatial Anomaly [In:Deep]
  23. Myselor – Move On [Blackout]
  24. Volatile Cycle & Dropset – Baltic [Ekou]
  25. Conrad Subs – Slab [Formation]
  26. Muzz – The Warehouse (Justin Hawkes RMX) [Monstercat]
  27. Tenchu – Get Grimey [In:Deep]
  28. C:Critz – Signal [DLT9]
  29. Tenchu – Tempi Drums [In:Deep]
  30. Mykool – I Miss You [Yana]
  31. DJ Fresh & Buunshin – Dancing in the Dark [Breakbeat Kaos]
  32. Raid:Zero – the Keepers [Lux]
  33. redpill – All I Do Is [Eatbrain]
  34. Wogii – Real Shit [Close 2 Death]
  35. 2whales & Cvpellv – Blastah Bang [High Resistance]
  36. Traced – Control Signal [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week – Follow the playlist on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Vypes – Renegade [Yana]
  2. The Faraday, Phame & Grim Hellhound – Synapse [High Resistance]
  3. Al/So & R3dx – Blame [Korsakov Music]
  4. Evolved – Shelter [Ekou]
  5. Redpill – Drop It [Eatbrain]
  6. Resurgence – Mind Meld [VTO]
  7. CrucifyMe – Orchid [Axon]
  8. Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Bad Syntax RMX) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Psidream Tracklist

  1. Zero T – Come & Reprazent [Symmetry]
  2. Fox, DLR & Alix Perez – Walk Out [The North Quarter]
  3. Nick The Lot – I Got You [Ram]
  4. Neve & HLZ – Noladem (feat. Kwality) (Quadrant & Iris remix) [Delta9]
  5. Mefjus – Without Them [Critical]
  6. NC-17 – Ricochet [Dispatch]
  7. Psidream & Pacific – Runway (Pacific remix) [Nightfall]
  8. Pacific – Tonight (Psidream remix) [Nightfall]
  9. Tunnl Vision – Uprising [Program]
  10. Evolved – Mutation [Delta9]
  11. GEST – Concentrate [Shogun Audio]
  12. DLR & Alix Perez – Crawlway [1985]
  13. DLR – Story [DLR]
  14. Concord Dawn, Psidream & Pacific – Bloody Fives (Pacific remix) [Nightfall]
  15. Selecta J-Man – Sekkle Yourself (L-Side remix) [Born On Road]
  16. Lovely – Bomb (feat. Flowdan) [Guidance]
  17. NC-17 & Jaise – Holy Mountain [Metalheadz]
  18. BTK – Chatterbox [Dutty Audio / forthcoming]
  19. Psidream & Special Ed – Street Value [Nightfall]
  20. Psidream & Special Ed – Lemon Haze [Nightfall]

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