Podcast 378 – Bad Syntax & Sola


Another big week in store for you all! One of my favorite up and coming production outfits is in the hot seat and they have a WICKED guest mix for you! We are also celebrating Paperclip & 3xil3’s new release on Abducted LTD and have a TON of huge tunes for you to peep, so lets get to it!

Paperclip & 3xil3’s new EP on Abducted LTD is OUT TODAY!

Check it out here: https://abductedltd.fanlink.to/misterio-ep

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Wargames [Abducted LTD]
  2. Magnetude – Hidden Deep [Neuropunk]
  3. Current Value – Powercube [Eatbrain]
  4. Miditacia – Surrealism [Neuropunk]
  5. Burr Oak – Always Leaving [Free DL]
  6. Task Horizon ft Killa P – Like This [Evolution Chamber]
  7. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Misterio [Abducted LTD]
  8. Notequal – Sunburn [Hanzom]
  9. ICU & Replete – Resurgence [Korsakov]
  10. State of Mind & Smooth – Runaway Train [Blackout]
  11. Tash Horizon – Sahara [Evolution Chamber]
  12. Current Value – Possibility [Eatbrain]
  13. Traced – Control Signal [Abducted LTD]
  14. Toronto is Broken ft Sebotage – Circle [Fixt]
  15. Xaetis – Stop Go [Sinful Maze]
  16. 2whales & Cvpellv – Blastah Bang [High Resistance]
  17. MV & Gracie Van Brunt – Circling Like Prey [Yana]
  18. Irontype – Sunlight [SLK]
  19. Dope Ammo & Benny Page – I Need Your Loving (Halflight RMX) [Dope Ammo]
  20. Bad syntax – The Chant of Kashima (Chris.Su RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  21. Teddy Killerz – Critical Damage [Eatbrain]
  22. Al/So & Impex – House Party [Boomslang]
  23. Cliques ft Marianna Ray – Electrified [Cliques Collective]
  24. Top Buzz – Living in Darkness (Dope Ammo & Nicky Blackmarket RMX) [Dope Ammo]
  25. Irontype – All Night [SLK]
  26. Mean Teeth – Dirty Deeds [Abducted LTD]
  27. Saint Robbers & VDS – Dark Princess [High Resistance]
  28. Current Value – Circulate [Eatbrain]
  29. Abstractonia & Double Medley ft Trickyskill – Pandorum [Neuropunk Forge]
  30. Brazed – Mutex [Bad Taste]
  31. Dead Zodiac – Stampede [Protocode]
  32. Pythius – Burn Em Down [Blackout]
  33. Noisia ft Amon Tobin – Sunhammer (Audio RMX) [Vision]
  34. Joe Ford – Into Black [Blackout]
  35. Neonlight ft Flowanasia – Desire [Blackout]
  36. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Centrion [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the Week ( Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes )

  1. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Misterio [Abducted LTD]
  2. Abstractonia & Double Medley ft Trickyskill – Pandorum [Neuropunk Forge]
  3. L3mmy Dubz – Defences Online [Korsakov Music]
  4. Saint Robbers & VDS – No Matter [High Resistance]
  5. Volition – Turn Down the Lights [Yana]
  6. Al/So & Impex – Epic [Boomslang]
  7. Task Horizon ft Killa P – Like This [Evolution Chamber]
  8. Irontype – Sunlight [SLK]

Sola Tracklist

  1. Sola & Habit – All Fall Down [Forthcoming Deep In The Jungle]
  2. Jfal- The Message [Grand Theft Audio Recordings]
  3. Sola & Ibot – Through The Night Ft Lauren Rose [Gorilla Warfare]
  4. Sola & Vektral – Control Ft Helen K [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio Recordings]
  5. Exception – Dropzone [Grand Theft Audio Recordings]
  6. Corrupted Mind – Let’s Go [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio Recordings]
  7. Sola & Charlie B – Higher Ft Helen K [Forthcoming Nuusic Records]
  8. Sola – ID [Dub]
  9. Speaker Louis – Headstart Ft T-Man [Nuusic Records]
  10. Syran – Rip Your Face Off [Ram Records]
  11. Commix – Be True [Metalheadz]
  12. Harley D – The Way You’re Moving (Shayper Remix) [Dub]
  13. Sola & Plasmator – Break Of Dawn Ft Lauren Rose (DnB Mix) [Dub]
  14. Sola – The Game [Korsakov Music]
  15. Prfct Mandem – Conflict [Korsakov Music]
  16. Airglo – Innit [Onyx]
  17. Sola – The End Ft T-Man [Prog:Ram Music]
  18. Charlie B & Jfal – Voodoo [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio Recordings]
  19. Airglo & Sola – ID [Dub]
  20. Sola & Corrupted Mind – Rip The Roof Off [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio Recordings]

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