Podcast 385 – Bad Syntax & ZuKeepa


Friday has arrived again and we are ready to get things MOVING! ZuKeepa is back again from Las Vegas with a wind down after the legendary EDC Vegas session last weekend. Also in the resident seat, Bad Syntax drops a couple first listens to the next Abducted LTD release by Momentum and more! LETS GO!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Momentum – All Is Dark Now [Abducted LTD]
  2. DJ Fresh & Vegas – Exorcist [Breakbeat Kaos]
  3. A-Cray – Starter [Cray Tunez]
  4. Spor – Hatchet [Mau5trap]
  5. Gydra – Yoke [Neuropunk]
  6. Fatloaf, Subminerz & Malstrom – Free Guy [Neuropunk]
  7. Bad Syntax – The Chant of Kashima (Chris.Su RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  8. Redpill – Dreams & Circuits (SLWDWN RMX) [Blackout]
  9. CrucifyMe – Blow Pump [Invasion]
  10. Fatloaf, Subminerz & Malstrom – Stadium [Neuropunk]
  11. Double Medley – Newcomers Punch [Paperfunk]
  12. Humanon ft Diffe – Design [Bad Taste]
  13. Corrupted Mind & Chaos – Save the Rave (Perplex RMX) [Yana]
  14. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Misterio [Abducted LTD]
  15. Nuvertal – Take Em [Eatbrain]
  16. Spor – Throw Down Let Go [Mau5trap]
  17. Dezpot – Crazy [Sine Function]
  18. Gydra – Slab [Neuropunk]
  19. Highthere – The Knights of Ren [Root92]
  20. Volmax (SVK) – Hyperspace [Abducted LTD]
  21. Hector – Escape [Close 2 Death]
  22. Double Medley – Old Good Times [Paperfunk]
  23. Distort – Fracture [Neuropunk]
  24. CrucifyMe – Rattle Roller [Invasion]
  25. Tengu – Rayquaza [Korsakov]
  26. Momentum – Fastlane [Abducted LTD]
  27. Cranium – Space & Time [Hanzom]
  28. Transforma – The Death Cure [Boomslang]
  29. Shadow Sect, Millie Collins & Dropset ft Marianna Ray – Another Day [Cause 4 Concern]
  30. Nemean – Reconstruct [Abducted LTD]
  31. Neonlight – Freedom [Blackout]
  32. Magnetude – Valhalla [Evolution Chamber]
  33. Noisia ft Amon Tobin – Sunhammer (Audio RMX) [Vision]
  34. Kryos – Let Me Go [Expedite]
  35. Finalfix – Purgatory [Hanzom]
  36. Nemean – Collapse [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the Week ( Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes )

  1. Syne & Xaetis – Antagonist [Expedite]
  2. Nasz – In the Rain [Formation]
  3. DJ Fresh & Vegas – Exorcist [Breakbeat Kaos]
  4. Spor – Throw Down Let Go [Mau5trap]
  5. Tobax – Crazy Train [Shell Shock]


  1. Aznok – Sidewalk
  2. Mechanical Paw (Original Mix) – Mizo
  3. No Reply (Original Mix) – Freek
  4. Gunboi (Original Mix) – Razlom
  5. The Switch (Original Mix) – Humanature, Leniz
  6. Now Inside (Original Mix) – Flat T
  7. Synthetics (Original Mix) – Outer Heaven
  8. The Quickening – Realtime
  9. Aversive (Original Mix) – Bredren
  10. Problem (Original Mix) – Gydra
  11. Collider – CELO
  12. Know This Ruff (Original Mix) – True Tactix
  13. Party Every Day (Original Mix) – High Maintenance
  14. Exodus (Prolix Remix) – Delta Heavy
  15. Wishin’ On A Star (Exile Remix) – Exile, Dope Ammo, Rio Hellyer
  16. Forever (Original Mix) – Scudd, JustJo
  17. Hard Times – Cyantific
  18. Revenge – Gridlok and Prolix
  19. Prey (Original Mix) – Facade, Bad District
  20. Full Control (Akov Remix) – Mizo & oneByone
  21. Shower Epiphany No.9 -ZuKeepa

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