Podcast 389 – Bad Syntax & Enki


ITS FRIDAY MY DUDES! And what a wicked week we have in store for you ๐Ÿ™‚ North meets south as Enki steps in the guest mix to show us how its done in Seattle. Pair that with your usual resident mix, and this weeks episode will be here to supercharge your weekend. LETS GO!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Bad Syntax – Darkness (Sinister Souls RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  2. AL/SO – Superfluous [Korsakov]
  3. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – ESP [Blackout]
  4. Xaetis – Accelerate [Expedite]
  5. Faun Dation – Scums [Neuropunk]
  6. Scout 22 – Underground Damage [Eatbrain]
  7. Traced – Control Signal [Abducted LTD]
  8. L 33 – Fingerprint [Eatbrain]
  9. Malux & Hijak MC – Ghost Train [Evolution Chamber]
  10. Absu & Wallhack – Noise Generator [Hanzom]
  11. Profuze – Swear [shell Shock]
  12. Faun Dation – Hard Pill [Neuropunk]
  13. Momentum – All Is Dark Now [Abducted LTD]
  14. Psynchro – Basic Elements [Axon]
  15. Disaszt – Deliver [Eatbrain]
  16. Dutta – The One [Digital Terror]
  17. Sam Foxx & The Burner Brothers – Junglist Selekta [Patrol the Skies]
  18. HighThere – The Knights of Ren [Root 97]
  19. Binary – Legacy [Abducted LTD]
  20. Exept & Disprove – XXX [Delta 9]
  21. Nickbee – Alchemical [Axon]
  22. Dutta ft Sleazy F Baby – Manchester Madman [Digital Terror]
  23. Dati – Go [Eatbrain]
  24. FractalOne – Manufacturing Consent [High Resistance]
  25. Minor Flux – Swamp Thing [Abducted LTD]
  26. Absu – Circuit Breaker [Hanzom]
  27. Intercept & Sly Chaos – R U [Eatbrain]
  28. Manta & Sazzles:EXE – Eternity [Korsakov]
  29. Absu & Zigi SC – Bring It Down [Hanzom]
  30. Kursiva – Nasty VIP [Bad Taste]
  31. Hybert Phillips – Invasion [Paperfunk]
  32. Redpill – the Edge [Eatbrain]
  33. Ozma – Lips [Neuropunk]
  34. TR Tactics & Symplex – Halloween [Eatbrain]
  35. Vatour & Disorder Type – Knives & Bandannas (Toronto is Broken RMX) [Yana]
  36. Momentum – Fastlane [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the Week ( Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes )

  1. Luca – Dance (MV RMX) [Yana]
  2. Hybert Phillips – Invasion [Paperfunk]
  3. Kursiva – Nasty VIP [Bad Taste]
  4. FractalOne – Manufacturing Consent [High Resistance]
  5. Profuze – Swear [Shell Shock]

Enki Tracklist

  1. Plastic [Quadrant and Iris Rmx] – Future Cut, Marcus Intalex – Future Cut Recordings
  2. Whoonga – Toatal Science, S.P.Y. – C.I.A.
  3. Don’t You [D-Struct rmx] – B.S.E. Recordings
  4. London – Dub Head – Dispatch
  5. Drone Attack – Nymfo – Dispatch
  6. Tresspass – Total Science – Blackout Music
  7. Beside – Root For The Villain, Dubringer – Onset Audio
  8. Hip Punch – Break – Symmetry Recordings
  9. Fired Up! [Feat. MC Woes, Armanni Reign, T.R.A.C., MC Dre] – Semper Fye
  10. Nosedive – Particle – Critical Music
  11. Back & Fourth – S.P.Y., Drs, Dynamite MC – Hospital Records
  12. Saligia – Enei, Kemo – Critical Music
  13. Biometrix – Basher – RAM

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