Podcast 403 – Bad Syntax & Invold [Sponsored by Adam Audio]


Its another week of wicked beats ready for you to kick your weekend off properly. In the guest mix this week we have an absolutely wicked mix by Invold that I know youre going to love, and as usual we have the resident mix by Bad Syntax!

Also, as in the mix, I also wanted to take a moment to shout out our fallen brother Bulletproof who passed away this week. While I never met him in person, his tunes were such an influence on me and the genre as a whole it is such a tragedy to hear of his passing. <3

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Dropset & Bad Syntax – Veracity (E-Sassin RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  2. Agressor Bunx – Supersonic [Hanzom]
  3. Ozma – Dark Squad (Despersion RMX) [Ozriderz]
  4. Protostar ft MYLK – Into Dark [Korsakov]
  5. TR Tactics & Transforma – Occultism [Hanzom]
  6. Burr Oak – Criminal Romance [Eatbrain]
  7. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Misterio [Abducted LTD]
  8. Impex – Incoming [Dritbox]
  9. Mizo – Mechanical Paw (Sindicate RMX) [FREE DL]
  10. TR Tactics & Dropset – Time Paradox [Hanzom]
  11. Kevala – Rapture (Tremr RMX) [Expedite]
  12. Paperclip & ChaseR – Geotech [Paperfunk]
  13. Traced – Lose Control [Abducted LTD]
  14. Sindicate – Desolate [Stonx]
  15. Foks – WehWoh (Kaizen Flow RMX) [Expedite]
  16. Ozma – Heart (Savoki RMX) [Ozriderz]
  17. Finalfix & Kryos – With You (Finalfix RMX) [Close2Death]
  18. Vovking – Chase [Ep022]
  19. Proton X – Specters [Abducted LTD]
  20. Akov – Dumdum [Blackout]
  21. Binary – Frequent [Axon]
  22. Agressor Bunx & Forbidden Society – Close to the Edge [Forbidden Society]
  23. Liveon – Crucial [Eatbrain]
  24. Archaea – Source Code (Xaetis RMX) [Expedite]
  25. Dropset & Bad Syntax – Veracity (Northern Barrier RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  26. GooseTronics – Gathica [Stonx]
  27. Sola ft Whiskey Pete – Blowback [Grand Theft Audio]
  28. Foks – the Ritual (Frannabik RMX) [Expedite]
  29. Knoxz & Glitch – Mental State [Boomslang]
  30. ChaseR – Cyberporn [Paperfunk]
  31. Akov – Freaky Boy [Blackout]
  32. Al/So & R3dex – Run [Korsakov]
  33. Fourward – Dangerous Waste Product [Eatbrain]
  34. Raid – Lined (Foks RMX) [Expedite]
  35. TR Tactics – Obsession [Hanzom]
  36. Gridlok, Bulletproof & MC Dino – Desperate Measures [Cyanide] RIP BULLETPROOF, TRIBUTE <3

“Bad Tunes” of the Week ( Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes )

  1. InsideInfo – Fluted [InsideInfo]
  2. Sola ft Whiskey Pete – Blowback [Grand Theft Audio]
  3. TR Tactics & Dropset – Time Paradox [Hanzom]
  4. Korax – the Fall of Troy [Stonx]
  5. Agressor Bunx & Forbidden Society – Close to the Edge [Forbidden Society]

Invold Tracklist

  1. Mizo, Trilo – The Pursuit [C4C Recordings]
  2. Black Sun Empire – B’Negative (Phace & Misanthrop Remix) [Blackout Music]
  3. Bad Syntax – The Chant of Kashima (Chris.Su Remix) [Abducted LTD]
  4. Invold – Nails [Delta9 Recordings]
  5. Sleepnet – Angel Blade [Vision Recordings]
  6. Phace – Shitstorm [Neosignal Recordings]
  7. The Clamps – Perception [Kosenprod]
  8. Invold – Into The Void [C Recordings]
  9. The Upbeats – Divide feat. Sylvee [Vision Recordings]
  10. Rune & Kaiza – Breakup (Invold Remix) [T3K]
  11. Black Sun Empire & Pythius – Kepler [Blackout Music]
  12. Mefjus – Dissuade [Critical Music]
  13. Phace & Buunshin – IDLE [Neosignal Recordings]
  14. Invold – Lizard Caravan [Stonx Music]
  15. Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision Recordings]
  16. Warp Fa2e – Reptiles Rally [forthcoming on Drevobos Recordings]
  17. Invold – Auchan [Delta9 Recordings]
  18. Black Sun Empire – Breach (Myselor Remix) [Blackout Music]
  19. Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) [Division Recordings]
  20. Phace & Kemal – MODE 101 [Neosignal Recordings]
  21. Cyntax – Block Drop (Warp Fa2e Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  22. Stonx – Bad Robot (Invold Remix) [Drevobos Recordings]
  23. Misanthrop – Deus [Neosignal Recordings]
  24. Phace – Vitreous [Neosignal Recordings]
  25. Invold – Light Up The Sky [Soul Deep Recordings]

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